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    Caribou: I've downloaded that but haven't watched it yet. There are so many films that I need to watch! Half of the films I've downloaded (legally, of course :eyebrows: ) I haven't watched.
    Keep meaning to watch Saving Private Ryan but haven't yet.

    Also, has anyone here seen Fight Club? If so, is it any good?

    Also, here's a list I put together of a few films that I really enjoyed:

    Apocalypse Now
    Godfather (obviously)
    Forrest Gump
    Dark Knight Trilogy
    Django Unchained
    The Pianist
    Gran Torino

    Hi guys. I remember on the old website I started taking requests from people and making them all in a 'family'. I thought it would be quite a cool idea to do that again but everyone can contribute to an ongoing story. Things like murder, betrayal and double-crossing could go on. Tell me what you guys think and I think I should start off by making th pictures first, so tell me what occupation you'd like to have and I can start making them! :) And remember, never rat on ya friends.

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    Quote from Jabels

    Christ, this year's been pretty good in terms of music.

    New Daft Punk

    I like the Random Access Memories a lot, but lots of people are disappointed with it. I think it might be because all the songs aren't really chart toppers. That was what Get Lucky was mostly for.

    You should check out this guy on YouTube, Caribou.
    His channel name is 'Rorchac' and he was talking about Westboro's members saying that a few of them were hot and the woman who he was interviewing called him a 'fag' for thinking they were hot. :?: So I guess they are sort of retarded :D

    As of Bill O' Reilly it annoys me that he never let's people speak, always interrupting them and calling them 'pinheads' and what not. Also, all of Fox News is pretty much shit.

    I've been listening to three songs a lot recently-
    Kim Cesarion - Undressed (i know he's a bit of a douchebag, but oh well)
    Avicii - Wake Me Up (Ft. Aloe Blacc)
    ASTR - Operate
    Have a listen and tell me what you think! :D

    Hi, it's me! :)
    I haven't posted for a long time (not sure how long) and some of you may remember me - others will not - and I decided to make this topic after watching several 'Westboro Baptist Church' videos on YouTube. I have come to the conclusion that they are awful people, so let me kick off my list with:

    Westboro Baptist Church
    Donald Trump
    Lil Wayne
    Hipsters (in general)
    People who take Twitter way too seriously
    Bill O'Reilly
    Tom Cruise
    Paris Hilton

    I look forward to seeing your replies and be sure to make them hateful! ;)

    The Pope retired 2 days ago after a threat from the Italian Mafia. There was a Findus lasagne found in his bed. ;)

    I hear they're remaking Scarface. Whoever the new Tony Monatna will be, he won't give a performance as good as Al Pacino gave.

    How was Life Of Pi? I was told by a friend that the story got a bit bland, but had really nice FX and stuff.
    I was going to see it, but being in Edinburgh there are always fucking roadworks everywhere up town and they're always shutting down streets and drilling up the ground and I didn't get to it on time.

    I saw Django unchained just last week and in my opinion it was GREAT. It's the best (newly released) film I've seen in years. Tarantino worked his magic once again making it brutal, bloody but realistic. If Tarantino hadn't included all the N-words it wouldn't have been as good ( not because I'm some filthy African-American white piece of trash but because it wouldn't have been as realistic) ;) .

    I have just recently started reading graphic novels and I have to say, the ones that I have read have been great! :)
    So far I have read:

    Walking dead 1: days gone by (no, I didn't find out about them from the TV Show ;) )

    Walking dead 2: miles behind us

    Persepolis ( which I thoroughly enjoyed. The artwork is basic and simple and the story is told from a child's perspective so everything clicks in to place)

    V for Vendetta (haven't actually finished, but I'm about half way)

    Untouchables (bit bland, but hey ho, who doesn't love a good gangster flick or two :lol: )

    Gangster Jew ( or Jew gangster I can't remember :S )


    And some others that I can't remember. I was thinking about reading Watchmen or Sin City. Does anyone have any recommendations for others? Or would you like to share a graphic novel that you think was good?


    Also, if anyone here got an apple product, you HAVE to get the game 1112. It's a very mysterious/ old school type of point and click game. The graphics and artwork are brilliant and it's a remake of an old windows mobile game called 'FADE' (or something like that). It's very strange and at points you're getting chased by a serial killer, buying a ring with stolen money to give to a hot dog seller to give to his girlfriend who is a cleaner in the hotel you wake up in after a strange meeting with an art dealer from New York. There are 3 episodes out so far, I think there's going to be 6 or 7 of them. I'm still waiting for Episode 4 for more than a year and a half though.:(

    Wade: I sorta want to getBlack Ops 2, but I'm not sure about it. I'm not really big fan of CoD but the only reason that I'd possibly get it is that all my friends have it and I could play with them on Xbox Live. Do you think it's worth getting, if I don't really like CoD? :)

    Till: I was away in Lanzarote. The hottest it reached was 34! :0 It was really good, apart from all the cheap shops with fake t shirts and crappy merchandise. ;) If you passed one of the shops they'd always rush out when they saw you and try to reel you into all the shit they have in there. Haha;)