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    I'm a Media student and a Bar man at weekends, both rewarding occupations right there. With media I hope to go into the production side which is tough I know, but still I can dream.

    I'm a big bat fan, though only the Bruce Wayne stuff as I don't read the new comics. Bruce will always be Batman to me, not this Damian kid. Kevin Conroy is the Bat I grew up with, and he does a stellar job in whatever he appears in. Bale's Batman was cringeworthy at times, doesn't he have any Bat lozenges somewhere?

    I've read The Long Halloween, definatley worth a read for Calender Man alone, a truly underrated villain.

    Beaker -I was strikingly similair to him whilst studying science at college.

    Walter- He's just too cute!

    Ms Piggy- Everyone loves a diva!

    People who don't know how to queue.

    Wine/Food 'experts'.

    Street Preachers

    Chuggers (like preachers, but blackmail you into giving to charity rather than letting you do it on your own accord.)

    Kids messing about at ATM's when you are trying to use them.

    Hi guys,

    I'm a student studying media in England, I also draw, paint and write poetry. So, yeah I'm a pretty creative person. I'm also a fan of South Park (as are most guys on here.) and my favourite Characters are Butters, Tweek, Pip and Timmy. I don't know what else to say so here's a pic: