"Chloe's Diary" a 1860's story by yours truly!

  • Here is Hazel Rosé, the house "slave", serving tea in the 'Tea Room'.

    She is also a close friend of Chloe LaBelle, and her 'mammy' (like a Nanny and personal maid).

    She gets a letter from her Father saying her mother's ill with

    scarlet fever

    and may not make it through the night.(There's no cure at that time).

    The Doctor's have done all they can, and say the best thing we can do for her is to make her as comfortable as we can.

    Needless to say Hazel starts to cry hysterically...and she gets this letter on her Birthday too!

    The LaBelle family not knowing about the letter, planed a party for Hazel, who, afterwards, goes to her room and starts bawling til her eyes are bloodshot and red!

    Chloe checks on her after a bit and is told about the letter.

    Poor Hazel!

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