How to combine your SP-Studio characters in one picture on Autodesk Sketchbook? (Tutorial)

  • How to combine two SP-Studio characters in one picture? Well, the awnser is easy, you can use Paint, Gimp and Photoshop, but in my opinion, Paint is too limited, I’m not familiar with Gimp and Photoshop is too expensive, but, how about Autodesk Sketchbook?

    Autodesk Sketchbook used to be a paid Drawing software, but nowadays it’s free, we’re going to use this program in this tutorial.

    1- Start by creating your first SP-Studio character. Use a white single background color, then, take a screenshot with the snipping tool and copy and paste it on Autodesk Sketchbook, if you’re gonna add the two images on an already existing background, just use the magic wand tool, click on the image and get rid of the white background of it.

    2- Now, you have to create your second SP-Studio character, use the same background color and take a screenshot it with the snipping tool and copy and paste on Autodesk Sketchbook, use the magic wand tool again and get rid of the white background.

    I’m not very good at doing tutorials, but I’m trying my best.