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In need of some inspiration? Here you can see all winners of our monthly SP-Studio Community contests. Those are some really creative pictures! They have not been edited, everything was created by combining SP-Studio items and changing their positions. Click on a headline to see the whole gallery. And if you like statistics you should have a look at the Contest Leaderborard.

Contest 07/2017: Blockbuster Movies

1) Scott
The Infinity War

2) Strider
Darth Vader vs Obi Wan

3) Jetpack-Guy
The Terminator

4) Jareen2
Batman 1989

5) Eggyslav
Amadeus Poster

Contest 06/2017: Children

David Zellaby
1) legobasher
David Zellaby
I am (Baby) Groot
2) Jetpack-guy
I am (Baby) Groot
Jedi youngling
2) Strider
Jedi youngling

4) Jareen2
5) Jouchabth
A Boy from Another Time
5) Stanley
Boy from Another Time

Contest 05/2017: Stephen King

Stand by Me
1) legobasher
Stand by Me
The Shining: Jack Torrance
1) Zawesome
The Shining: Jack T.
The Shining - Grady twin(s)
3) Jareen2)
The Shining: Grady twin
If you've got a taste for terror... take Carrie to the prom.
4) Jetpack-guy
Jack Torrance (The Shining)
5) Strider
The Shining: Jack T.

Contest 04/2017: Famous Pets

Ham, The First American in Space
1) Jetpack-guy
Puss in Boots
2) Jareen2
Puss in Boots
Sushi in a fish bowl
3) legobasher
Sushi in a fish bowl
Rin Tin Tin and Corporal Rusty
4) Strider
Rin Tin Tin & Corp. Rusty
5) NickiBroForever

Contest 03/2017: Crime

Contest 02/2017: Anime

Contest 01/2017: What happened in the year 2016?

Contest 11/2016: Music of the 50s – 70s

Contest 09/2016: Dreams

Contest 08/2016: Looney Tunes vs Nicktoons

The Green Loontern
1) Jetpack-guy
The Green Loontern
Meep meep!
2) milquenl
Meep meep!
3) Zawesome
Marvin the Martian (Warner)
4) Strider
Marvin the Martian
Marvin The Martian and K-9
5) jareen2
Marvin and K-9

Contest 07/2016: Fashion

Coco Chanel: La Petite Robe Noire
1) Jetpack-guy
Coco Chanel
Vogue Star Wars Edition
2) AMParsons29
Vogue Star Wars Edition
Historical Haute Coiture: French Male Courtier Outfit, circa 1750.
3) Eggyslav
Historical Haute Coiture
Slave Labour - Bansky
3) Jareen2
Slave Labour – Bansky
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
3) Strider
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Contest 06/2016: Music (80s)

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'
1) Strider
Freddy Mercury and John Deacon - I Want to Break Free
2) Lugo
I Want to Break Free
Weird Al Yankovic - Even Worse
3) Jetpack-guy
Even Worse

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
4) History guy
Sweet Dreams
George Michael - Faith
5) legobasher
Kirk Hammett
5) FloreGrohl
Kirk Hammett

Contest 05/2016: Future

Not to Be a Downer or Anything, But...
1) Caribou
Not to Be a Downer…
In the lab
2) legobasher
In the lab
3) Eggyslav
I am Judge, Jury and Executioner. I am the Law.
4) Jetpack-gu
Jodge Dredd
Surreal minimalist art of Doctor Who traveling to the future.
5) History guy
Doctor Who

Contest 04/2016: Pro Wrestling

Mad Dog Joe DeCurso
1) legobasher
“Mad Dog Joe DeCurso”
Young wrestler Abraham Lincoln
2) History guy
“Abraham Lincoln”
The Undertaker
3) Strider
“The Undertaker”

A normal day in Skyrim (?)
4) Jareen2
“A normal day in Skyrim (?)”
5) NilsFCB298
Stone Cold Steve Austin
5) Dogzilla
“Stone Cold Steve Austin”

Contest 03/2016: Music (90s)

Here we are now, entertain us
1) Jareen2
“Here we are now…”
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
2) legobasher
“Virtual Insanity”
Amish Paradise - Weird Al Yankovic (1996)
3) Jetpack-guy
“Amish Paradise”
Headbanging to Queen
4) Caribou
“Headbanging to Queen”
Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
5) Strider
“Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)”

Contest 02/2016: Love

Shot Through the Heart
1) Caribou
“Shot Through the Heart”
The Downside of Love
2) legobasher
“The Downside of Love”
Cupid's unfortunate older brother; Steve
3) Jetpack-guy
“Cupid’s brother Steve”
The Titanic
4) Jareen2
“The Titanic”
Von Charlatain's Date with D.O.R.I.S
5) Eggyslav
“Von Charlatain’s Date”

Contest 01/2016: What happened in 2015?

Golden Freddy
1) Eggyslav
“Golden Freddy”
2) Jetpack-guy
Star Wars: The Force awakens...
3) Strider
“Star Wars: TFA”
Welcome to the year 2015 Marty
4) Jareen2
“Marty in the year 2015”
Star Wars: The Force Awakens(Snow Scene)
5) History guy
“Star Wars: TFA”

Contest 12/2015: Marvel vs DC

Batman and Nightcrawler
1) Eggyslav
“Batman & Nightcrawler”
Batman vs... Superman?
2) Strider
“Batman vs… Superman?”
Dr. Manhattan
3) legobasher
“Dr. Manhattan”

The Penguin - Detective Comics
4) SkareKrow13
“The Penguin”
Spiderman Vs. Batman
5) BigHomer
“Spiderman Vs. Batman”
SUPERPOOL the man of chimichangas
5) Jareen2

Contest 11/2015: Inventors & Explorers

Chris Hadfield - The First Canadian To Explore Space
1) Jetpack-guy
“Chris Hadfielde”
William B. Shockley invented the transistor
2) Till
“Inventing the transistor”
Edison vs Tesla: When Titans Clash!
3) Eggyslav
“Edison vs Tesla”
Reinhold Messner meets the Yeti (or the other way round)
4) legpbasher
“Reinhold Messner”
Nikola Tesla
5) Jareen2
“Nikola Tesla”

Contest 10/2015: Music (2000-2015)

Perform This Way -
1) Jetpack-guy
“Weird Al” Yankovic”
Guitar Hero memories...
2) sexyshane
“Guitar Hero memories…”
Miley Cyrus at 2015 MTV
3) Strider
“Miley Cyrus at 2015 MTV”
Morrissey- Ringleader of the Tormentors
4) legobasher
MUSE - Matthew Bellamy
5) Jareen2
“MUSE – Matthew Bellamy”

Contest 09/2015: Quick!

Sanic da Hedgehog
1) Eggyslav
“Sanic da Hedgehog”
2) Till
The Shootdown
3) Jareen2
“The Shootdown”
Quickest Pet in Town
3) legobasher
“Quickest Pet in Town”
My name is Hunter Zolomon. I am the fastest man alive. I am Zoom.
5) Jetpack-guy
“I am Zoom.”

Contest 08/2015: Fitness

Look mommy, stars
1) AMParsons29
“Look mommy, stars.”
Those Arseholes You See At Every Gym.
2) Jetpack-guy
“Arseholes at the gym”
3) Jareen2
Body building female contest.
4) Strider
“Female body building”
Pumping Iron
5) legobasher
“Pumping Iron”

Contest 07/2015: Sidekicks

1) ADePALMA1251
Tuco (Il Cattivo)
2) legobasher
“Tuco (Il Cattivo)”
I'm Tired Of Being In Your Shadow...
3) Jetpack-guy
The Award for the Most Useless Sidekick Ever
4) Eggyslav
Hit-Girl (Schoolgirl costume)
5) Jareen2

Contest 06/2015: Middle Ages

The Black Death
1) Joker
“The Black Death”
The Black Death
2) legobasher
“The Black Death”
Middle Ages Jester
3) Dogzilla
“Middle Ages Jester”
Army of Darkness
4) sexyshane
“Army of Darkness”
Fratres Militiae Templi, Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonis
5) Eggyslav
“Fratres Militiae Templi..”

Contest 05/2015: Star Wars vs Star Trek

Bespin Lightsaber Duel
1) sexyshane
“Bespin Lightsaber Duel”
Mister Spock, Frozen In Carbonite
2) Jetpack-guy
“Spock, frozen In Carbonite”
Sith Lord Yoda
3) Lefiou
“Sith Lord Yoda”
Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Litterally
4) Eggyslav
“SW vs ST, Litterally”
Darth Vader chokes Red Shirt
5) AMParsons29
“Vader chokes Red Shirt”

Contest 04/2015: Toys

Lego Pirates: Captain Redbeard Disassembled
1) Eggyslav
“Lego Pirate”
Evil Puppet
2) Lefiou
“Evil Puppet”
Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?
3) Jetpack-guy
“Batman & Joker”
Buzz Lightyear
4) sexyshane
“Buzz Lightyear”
Tin Soldier
5) Strider
“Tin Soldier”

Contest 03/2015: Comedians

Charlie Chaplin
1) AMParsons29
“Charlie Chaplin”
Top Secret
1) legobasher
“Top Secret”
Hot Fuzz
3) Jareen2
“Hot Fuzz”
Stephen Colbert
4) salinea
“Stephen Colbert”
George Carlin
5) sexyshane
“George Carlin”

Contest 02/2015: Mascots

Fiend Skull
1) ADePALMA1251
“Fiend Skull”
It's Simple... We Kill The Burger King....
2) Jetpack-guy
“Kill The Burger King”
Vault Boy
3) Eggyslav
“Vault Boy”
Coppertone's girl and puppy
4) Strider
“Coppertone’s girl”
The Pillsbury Doughboy
4) bellaXraven
“The Pillsbury Doughboy”

Contest 01/2015: What happened in the year 2014?

1) Jetpack-guy
“I am Groot.”
Godzilla 2014
2) sexyshane
“Godzilla 2014”
Kim Kardashian / Papermag magazine
3) legobasher
“Kim Kardashian”
The Fappening
4) ADePALMA1251
“The Fappening”
5) Strider

Contest 12/2014: Historical Figures

Frida Kahlo
1) Caribou
“Frida Kahlo”
Justinian I
2) Eggyslav
“Justinian I”
Edgar Allan Poe
3) bellaXraven
“Edgar Allan Poe”
Jack The Ripper
4) Jetpack-guy
“Jack The Ripper”
Al Capone
5) Joker
“Al Capone”

Contest 11/2014: Fantasy Movies

Harry Potter: Rubeus Hagrid
1) sexyshane
“Rubeus Hagrid”
Harry Potter and the Invisibility cloak
2) Jareen2
“Harry Potter”
Raiders of the Lost Ark
3) Jetpack-gu
“Raiders Of The Lost Ark”
The Lord of the Rings: Witch King of Angmar
4) AMParsons29
“Witch King of Angmar”
Disney's Alice in Wonderland
5) FloreGrohl
“Alice in Wonderland”

Contest 10/2014: Undead

Modern Vampires Suck
1) Dogzilla
“Modern Vampires Suck”
2) glindara
Freddy vs Jason
3) Lefiou
“Freddy vs Jason”
4) AMParsons29
Separated at Death
4) ADePALMA1251
“Separated at Death”

Contest 09/2014: School

Teacher of the Year
1) Ildorf
“Teacher of the Year”
The Dunce cap
2) Jareen2
“The Dunce cap”
3) Yaaaawn
Einstein playing with the wrong chemicals.
4) AMParsons29
“Einstein at school”
Filling the backpack
5) Strider
“Filling the backpack”

Contest 08/2014: Famous Robots

1) Lefiou
Fembot (Austin Powers)
2) Strider
“Fembot (Austin Powers)”
C-3PO on Tatooine with another friend, himself...
3) AMParsons29
“C-3PO on Tatooine”
Cyberman (Doctor Who)
4) HetchiYagami
“Cyberman (Doctor Who)”
5) salinea

Contest 07/2014: Vacations

Summer Excavations
1) Eggyslav
“Summer Excavations”
Enjoying the sunset
2) Strider
“Enjoying the sunset”
Getting A Picture With The Terrifying Vinyl Smock Of A Symbol Of Capitalism
3) Jetpack-guy
“Getting a picture with…”
I went to Roswell & all I got was an alien probe and this shirt
4) LilBrigham
“I went to Roswell…”
5) AMParsons29

Contest 06/2014: Album Covers

Michael Jackson - Bad
1) Zawesome
“Michael Jackson:
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
2) Jareen2
Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque
3) Caribou
“Teenage Fanclub:
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
4) Strider
“Iron Maiden:
The Trooper”
Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day
5) Jetpack-guy
“Weird Al Yankovic:
Bad Hair Day”

Contest 05/2014: Nostalgia

1990 - MC HAMMER - U Can't touch this
1) Jareen2
“U Can’t touch this”
2) iMarie
Sailor Moon
3) salinea
“Sailor Moon”
The Adventures Of Tintin
4) Jetpack-guy
Captain Planet
5) BackToTheFuturama86
“Captain Planet”

Contest 04/2014: Literature

The Lord of the Rings: Eowyn vs Witch King
1) glindara
“The Lord of the Rings:
Eowyn vs Witch King”
Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls
2) Strider
“Sherlock Holmes at
the Reichenbach Falls”
HG Wells - The Invisible Man
3) Jareen2
“HG Wells:
The Invisible Man”
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
3) Jetpack-guy
“The Strange Case of
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”
5) Caribou
(South Park)”

Contest 03/2014: Disney

Toy Story: Mr. Potato Head
1) ADePALMA1251
“Toy Story:
Mr. Potato Head”
Aladdin: The Genie
2) Caribou
The Genie”
Hercules: Hades
3) Jareen2
Toy Story: Alien
4) AMParsons29
“Toy Story:
Pinocchio: Geppeto, Figaro and Cleo
5) Strider
Geppeto, Figaro & Cleo”

Contest 02/2014: Monsters

MONSTERS, INC.: Wazowskiing
1) Caribou
Mr. Frog and his bowler hat
2) 3lvis
“Mr. Frog”
3) glindara
The Phantom of The Opera
4) Jareen2
“Phantom of The Opera”
Night of the Wendigo
5) Eggyslav
“Night of the Wendigo”

Contest 01/2014: What happened in the year 2013?

Westgate shopping mall attack
1) Jareen2
“Westgate attack”
2) Jetpack-guy
Pope Franciscus
3) Strider
“Pope Franciscus”
Pope Franciscus
4) marky
“Pope Franciscus”
The birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge
“The birth…”

Contest 12/2013: Traditions

Halloween - Trick and Treat
1) Jareen2
“Trick and Treat”
tame bear
2) Ildorf
“tame bear”
Kiss under the mistletoe
3) Strider
“Kiss under the mistletoe”
Guy's Holiday Dishes for Santa's Visit
“Holiday Dishes”
5) umer.qazi

Contest 11/2013: Food

1) June
Attack of the killer Tomatoes
2) Jareen2
“Killer Tomatoes”
3) Kipikii
Kenny dreams on pizza
4) Strider
“Kenny dreams on pizza”
Lady Gaga and the meatdress
“Lady Gaga’s meatdress”

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