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DeviantArt: sp-studio-art

From now on I will upload "advanced artworks" related to SP-Studio updates to my DeviantArt gallery. Those drawings are more detailed than what you can build with the SP-Studio. Have a look! :)

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Update: Emoji wishes

Seven items based on your wishes - as posted in emoji form. I hope you like the new additions!

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New forum!

Welcome to the beautiful new SP-Studio forum! Your old accounts are still there, so have a look. It's the perfect place for feedback, support and connecting with other SP-Studio fans.

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A look back - and next steps

I want to tell you about my plans for this year and look back on the last one. How is the development of the new SP-Studio going? How much did I earn and how was your money spent? What's next?

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I need your support

I am not paid for working on this website and never charge my visitors for anything. can only stay alive because of your voluntarily support. So if you like my work and have fun around here, please consider a small donation. Thank you very much! Read more…


Join the contest

SP-Studio picture contest

Show your creativity! Create a SP-Studio image about Hip Hop music / artists and submit it until April 20th. Then a vote will decide who wins a free wish for a SP-Studio update.