Update: 3 new items

Flamethrower guyA mixed update is online with two contest wishes and one idea by a fan that I really liked (the hat). I hope to find the time for another update next week.

  • flamethrower
  • military jacket (as worn by Jimi Hendrix)
  • propeller hat

And don’t forget to join the current SP-Studio contest about ROBOTS until tomorrow evening. Register a nickname, upload your SP-Studio picture and maybe you win a free wish for an update of your choice.

Update: Snow White

South Park Snow WhiteYour SP-Studio character wants to feel like a classic Disney Princess? No problem!

Today I included the dress, bow, hair-style and smile of Snow White, inspired by Wald Disney’s famous animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from the year 1937. The new lips, hair-style and bow come in many different colors, so I am sure they will be useful for many characters.

Update: Background patterns & more colors

SP-Studio background patternsWe have more background colors now! And I started to include background patterns. I hope they will be useful for you if you don’t want to use one of the detailed sceneries. If you want more patterns like this, just tell me about your wishes in the comments.

The new SP-Studio picture contest has started as well, so join it until July 20th :). This month the topic is VACATIONS. Congratulations to the winners of the last contest!

Update: Four hairstyles

SP-Studio update: hairstylesHere are some new haircuts for your characters:

  • A nicely braided updo
  • Wild, curly hair inspired by Merida from Disney’s Brave
  • Single pieces of hair insipired by Gollum from The Lord of the Rings
  • A short haircut inspired by Matthew Bellamy from Muse (contest winner Jareen2′s wish)

Speaking of contests: Don’t forget to upload your album cover until June 20th! This month our contest is about recreating a famous piece of album art by only using the SP-Studio.

Update: New eyes with custom colors

From now on you can choose your own eye colors. I changed two of the most popular eye shapes, so you are able to select whatever color you like for the iris and background. This can help you to create an avatar that looks more like you or to build colorful monsters :).

And there is a completly new eye shape as well, which can also be colored: Manga eyes! Foy many years this has been requested by SP-Studio fans, and I never wanted to include it because I think they do not fit with the drawing style. But after South Park introduced Princess Kenny in anime sequences I gave it another try and I guess it might look kind of funny.

Anime eyes for your avatar