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    Okay, so I've discovered the pattern. It involves creating a text box, and deleting it. It doesn't matter how many items are involved. The spin function works fine, but once you add, then remove, a text box, it no longer works.

    Quote from Janina

    After 5 pictures I can already tell the amount of Hitlers will be high in this one...

    Are figures like Hitler permissible? There are so many controversial leaders, one reason why I find this contest difficult.

    Eggyslav , that was an unnessarily nasty and hostile post.

    Janina I get that there might be some who are less than talented when it comes to this sort of thing, but these people also are getting votes for their entries, in some cases even leading in the voting category. I guess there's no real way of discouraging that, though. But for me, the fun in trying to make an entry is pushing the available pieces as far as they can go, sometimes using them in ways they weren't intended for.

    Just a question, but could future contests prohibit the use of preexisting designs? What I mean is, if your entry is Batman, for example, I don't think it's fair that you can just use the Batman designs that are already available. I mean, where's the creativity in that?

    I think the problem I'm having with the way the contests are set up is that they don't really promote any sense of community like they should. It only takes about 15 minutes or so to cook up a submission, but after that, there's like a three week waiting period where there's nothing happening, with no idea of what other people are doing. In my opinion a much better way would be to have people's submissions be visible for everyone to see right from the get go. It would give members an idea of what others are doing, which might eliminate duplicate ideas (like the four or five "Shining" submissions in the Stephen King contest), as well as give new members an idea of what quality is expected. It would also encourage members to give each other feedback, communicate with one another, and let their submissions inspire others. Again, in other words, build a community.

    This is how it's done on another (not art related) forum I visit. There's an initial theme given, and people upload their photos to the thread. There's about a week submission period, followed by a week of voting through a poll. The winner gets to decide the theme of the next contest. Even if two weeks doesn't seem like a long enough time to you, there would at least be another contest right around the corner for people to jump into, and things would move along much quicker.