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    I am an atheist, pretty much like Caribou described it.
    My family is Christian (protestant), but isn't acting religious. We never went to church or read the bible. But it was common to baptize children and when I was 14 I had my confirmation like many others. It was a bit later that I started questioning why I did this. It was ridiculous! My family never went to church, but they thought children should be baptized and have their confirmation because that's the tradition. What an old fashioned way of thinking. I thought about the whole stuff I learned about religion and came to the conclusion that it was just made up. I don't believe in a God. I believe in coincidence ;).

    Today I can't stand if people baptize their children or marry in a church just because it's a common thing to do and a "nice tradition". We should respect religions by only doing those things if we REALLY believe in them. Most people I know are not religious at all.

    Unfortunately religion does a lot of harm, because it is not based on logical thinking. You can't discuss with somebody who believes god created the universe / hates gay people / wants to bomb the WTC. That's what makes it so dangerous. I don't think religion is the source of all evil, because most religious people are harmless. But nobody should follow something blindly or try to convert others. And of course politics and religion should be strictly separated. When I hear politicians say something about "God bless our country" this sounds stupid to me. Of course they can believe this - but it should not be part of politics.
    But religion can help people to be strong in sad times, and that's the main reason I am not against it.
    What's important: You can be a good person without religion or with religion, it's your own decision.

    (It's long, lol)
    Janina stole me the words. :P The only difference is that my family is Roman Catholic.
    I'm an atheist but I respect other people. Be happy with your choice :thumbup:

    My fav character is Cartman. I also like Randy Marsh, Butters and Craig.

    I like many episodes. Mmmm... I don't know the name of the chapter in english, but I like too much the episode of this song: :rofl:

    Too the chapters of Cartman singing like Lady Gaga and the Woodland Critter Christmas.



    I really enjoy to read. My favourites books are: Animal Farm and 1984 (Orwell), Millenium (Larsson), White Nights (Dostoievski), The Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir), and various books of Murakami. My favorite genres are mystery and crime.
    Should read, guys. It's nice and "open minds". :P

    * Oh! And books of Saramago!!!