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    Hey, my name is Ace, you can call Chad if you want. (Your Choice) I live in Seattle, but I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, which is the town south park is believed to be based off. If you don't know this place was also big because two high school students (Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.) Attacked their own school Columbine High School, with shotguns, semi-auto weapons, and a variety of bombs. They killed 13 and injured 23, they later committed suicide in the school. My mom, knew the mom of Dylan I only saw him once helping his mom unload stuff from his mom's car. I didn't know I would be looking at a mass murderer. I found out about south park in 2001 being 11 at the time. My friend called and told me about the show, first episode I saw was "Cripple Fight." I work as a business dealer for Bank of America, in the Safeco tower in Seattle. My work is ok , all I do is take calls and ask stuff. I have a wife, she works in the U.S Bank Center. So I hope I have a good time, and that's all.