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    Hello there, my name is John. If you're unable to tell right now, I'm new to this website. I just created an account because I thought to myself, "Why not? I love South Park!" Anyways, one tiny bit about me. I plan to be a very successful doctor in the future, which I may or may not succeed in doing so. But, anyways, I kinda like role playing for whatever reason. But anyways, here it is. The avatar/character is my profile picture by the way

    Jacob Freeman


    Obviously Boy

    Single and doesn't care. (Just like me for some random reason)

    Working out
    Playing video games

    Very intelligent
    Quite kind, caring and respectful if you stay in his good side
    Swears a lot, even if he's by himself.
    Will threaten to kill you if you piss him off.
    Bad puns.
    Manipulates people.
    Doesn't smoke however
    Attempts to make jokes.
    Hates Canadians
    Rascist to Blacks and Asians

    Born in New York.
    Abusive family
    Exposed to violence and weapons at age 3.
    Managed to steal some firearms at age of 4.
    Went to military camp at age 5.
    Still managed to get education, which is why he's smart.
    Then goes to South Park at the age of 8.

    (Some other imaginary characters I have in my head)
    Austin Khan, male. Friends
    Richard Allen, male. Friends
    Katelyn Nala, female. Best friends.

    I guess that's it for my imaginary role play character, quite an imagination I have in my head. Anyways, hope to probably see a random role play forum for some random reason, maybe. But yeah, bye all of you.