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    Being a child I hadn' too much legos. It was, and it is now, an expensive toy... But I kept them. I also get a fine bunch of blocks abandoned as trash that helped to restore some of my old sets and have received as gifts some new stuff from Star Wars.
    The minifigures bags are the 'new revolution' in lego, and as my sister likes them too and has begun to get them, I have adquired many of them... using barcodes and bump codes to get the desired ones. :D
    I have 18 minifigures (from bags), 2 troopers, 8 star wars characters, 5 minifigs from older sets of legoland and 3 'primitives' when they hadn's arms, legs and even face.
    I like very much the pictures taken of these minifigures in real scenarios... and I've began to take them when I have to make field-works in my job, trying to put them in the photos I have to made. Indeed, today I have put a photo with a stormtrooper that I made yesterday in a oficial document. :D:D:D (It almost can be seen, but if you are told about it you can recognize it) ... an he won't be the last.

    Hi you all.
    "I am called Strider"
    I'm from Spain... and too old compared to other people that meets here.

    I have too many hobbys... mainly model-making in various scales, even 1/1, but now I'm a little bit focussed in 1/6.

    I like: Tolkien's universe, Star Wars (first trylogy), body surf, survival, Lego minifigures, photography, mountainbike, diving, militaria, mountaineering, classical music, action figures, books, weapons, ...

    I don't like: Better don't saying anything... :silent:

    I began with SP-Studio making pictures of my working mates and then other kind of characters.