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    There are many i love but i kinda favored "Casa Bonita". I think everyone agrees Eric cartman is a manipulating, smart fat turd xD Thats what i love about him, as soon as i see him, i'm just ready to see what he comes up with next :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Hello everybody! I am new to these forums, as you already know ^^. Its nice to meet some fellow southpark fans here and see their awesome creations. A little about me, i am a graphic designer and i work with many different programs like Gimp,Photoshop, Sai etc. But eh i use all of those together, i just dont stick to one lol.

    Here is something about my South Park character i recently made c:

    Name: Jasmine (just like me ^^)

    Nicknames: Dj Vixen,Vixen,or Jazz

    Gender: Female (Uh duhhhhhh)

    Status: Now she is single and looking. Why? Her ex is completely obsessed with her, and turn into a stalker <.<'''''

    Her Hobbies: Making music and art, fashion,shopping, being sooo FABULAWS!xD, Trolling, making friends, playing video games

    Her Favorite Song(s): Hold It Down by Datsik ft. Georgia Murray(Luminox Remix)
    Drive by Evilneedle & Troyboi

    Personality: Intelligent, Sarcastic, can be demanding and rude, sometimes bossy, manipulating(if anger enough), Friendly, Shy around others she doesn't know/ or has a crush on

    Let me know if there is anything i should add or know, i am hoping to get each and every one of you better on here. ^^