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    I had never heard of Team Fortress 2... had to Google it. lol
    They don't seem very interesting to me. I hate to shoot down all your ideas, though.

    Right now I'm working on Mario and Luigi and I think I'll try to make the rest of the Pokémon starters. Yay!

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    Aaaw, that's cute :)
    The only thing I don't like so much are the eyes, because I think the big pupils do not fit the "SP character style"... but that's just my personal preference, because I am an old-fashioned purist when it comes to the drawing of the eyes ;). Anyway, another great drawing!

    Thanks! I understand what you're saying about the eyes. I feel that bigger pupils makes them more anime-like and they show more expression. I've also been putting ears on mine ever since I first started making them even though South Park children never have visible ears from a front view. ;)

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    Woah, those are awesome dude :D

    Thank you!!!!!!! :D

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    epic!! im trying to get 150 pokemon (in pokemon red) in 150 days im on day 49 and have caught 68, good progress!..

    lol I've never completed a Pokémon game except for Snap (because it was so easy). I own Pokémon White and haven't played it in months. I think I only have 4 or 5 badges.

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    Anyway, great job Dosu! The Pikachu is so adorable! Maybe you could make some classic game characters, like Mario, Link, Duke Nukem, Kirby, Masterchief, etc......

    Hehe! Thanks! I've been planning on making some Zelda characters for a looong time, but have never gotten around to it. I could definitely see myself making Mario... and Kirby would just be a head. lol I did make Ice Climbers... they're pretty old school. Oh! I've also made Ness and Lucas from the Earthbound series. I should've posted them already for you guys...

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    nd could you try some Teen Titans characters?

    I'm not too big on Teen Titans. Mmmmmmaybe.

    Status of Futurama characters:
    Fry... Done
    Leela... Done
    Amy... Done
    Kif... Done
    Bender... Started
    Zapp... Started
    Nibbler... Started
    Hermes... Started
    Zoidberg... Not Started
    Professor... Not Started

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    Wow, I didn't see this post. You're really talented, man! :D

    If you are pissed off at people stealing your work, just write your name on it.

    I put watermarks on everything now. People still use them even with my DA page URL plastered across them. I guess I shouldn't complain because it only means that people like them. :whatever:

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    Awesome. Then could you try some Pokemon?


    Yep. I saw that someone posted it a long time ago and I commented on it saying that I'm the artist. People post my stuff all over the Internet and I'm not so happy about it. You'll find them on all kinds of YouTube videos that I never gave permission for.

    For the Futurama characters... I finished Fry, Leela, and Amy. I've also started on Bender and Nibbler. I'll post them all in one big picture with a nifty background, hopefully. :)

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    how about trying some futurama characters?

    I could do that. It would probably be fun and not too difficult since the character design is not very complicated. I have seen people do them before on DA.

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    -Vegeta! What does the scouter say about Dosu's Pictures awesomness level?
    -It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, these are fantastic! I'm not a huge fan of Manga/Anime, but DAMN! Your pictures are great! Keep'em comming Dosu! :awesome:

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    Oh wow, I just saw your DBZ pictures on your Deviantart page and I was coming to tell you how great they are, then BOOM, there they are, nice job...

    lol Thank you both! I surely will continue to post more.

    I've thought about entering contests in the past. I don't like being restricted to the pre-made items, though. I like to make everything from scratch. Maybe I'll try one. :)

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't going to make an introduction thread, but, eh, I changed my mind.

    My real name is Dan. I'm 26 (man, that's old) and I've been making custom South Park characters for about 7 years now, I guess. I have a page at where you can find them all.
    :artist: >>> <<< :artist:

    Let's see, I like listening to music, playing video games, watching TV/movies, being artsy, Internet-ing, eating, and sleeping. I have a dog named Eddie and he is my little buddy. <3

    Hmmm... ask me if you want to know anything else. :D

    I feel like I worked on the turtle for hours and hours and hours. He looks so good, though, that it was all worth it.

    LOL Some of the things I like clash a little, I know... but, yeah, I'm obsessed with Glee. :D

    Thanks again! :artist:

    Here are some more DBZ since they seemed to get the most reaction from you guys. :)

    Saiyans from DBZ

    Master Roshi etc.

    That turtle took forever!!!

    Frieza etc.

    Cell etc.

    Majin Buu etc.

    Ginyu Squad

    Kami etc.

    And for something completely different...
    Glee Cast