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    I have to admit I thought the votes for Dottie looked a little bit suspicious... but since there was no proof for cheating it counts.

    I think she got a lot of votes because in the start of the contest her pictures was at the top of the page with already 4 votes and mine had 0 with me at the bottem of the page. So I think that will have something to do with the amount of votes you will recieve. People just don't scroll down that much (just a theory)

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    So, time to vote? Where are the entries?

    Janina is very busy I guess. Just keep in mind this is a thing she does in her spare time. This is not her full time job. So if work is a lot or in her private life things happend it can be that it will be delayed.

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    Ah, congratulations! :)

    I used a new feature we did not have in the old gallery and sorted all the pictures by votes. So if you did not made the top5 you can still see where you landed:

    I think that is a improvement for those who didn't made it. There were some great pictures in this contest.
    Well I hope I will be in the next top 5. Since then I will be on my record of 14 contests in a row in the top 5.
    Time will tell.

    Am I the only one who thinks it was a terrible idea for LEGO to use the saussage and turn it white for the boomerang. I mean they already made him with a boomerang model. Why not color that white.

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    Welcome, I hope you have a fun stay here. If you got any question, feel free to ask me, Janina or the other moderators for help.

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    1) legobasher
    2) Jetpack-guy & Strider
    4) Strider
    5) Stanley & Jouchabth

    Run people the Strider Virus is spreading. RUN BEFORE YOU TURN INTO ONE TO!

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    You can vote now!
    Unfortunately the old error is still there, so if you cannot open a picture wait a couple of hours and try again.

    Quite weird that i can't open anyones picture when you are logged in (except my own) but when I am logged out I can see everyone

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    Today's update focuses on Wonder Woman. Not only because of the current movie, but also because this character has to offer a couple of useful accessories and I decided to not only include her clothes, but also the weapons and hair. The belt, whip and armring will be useful for other SP-Studio characters as well, and so I made them into extra items. But that’s not all there is. You can now build The Green Lantern with existing items and the new logo. The update includes:

    • Wonder Woman’s costume, belt, hairstyle, armring and tiara
    • Her weapons of choice: Shield, sword an whip
    • New shirt symbols for the DC superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash

    Yes, those old Superman and Batman logos were really crappy... :lol:

    If I select the batman one I will get the superman one, and if I select the superman one I will get the batman

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    One word: OPERA.

    What's your favourite Monty Python song?

    Tie between Lumberjack song & Every sperm is sacred

    Your most unlucky lucky moment. (A unlucky moment that turned into a lucky moment)

    The bug that sometimes appears on the contest pictures need to be fixed for good.
    At the moment I think everything is working fine but in other times we get a grey/white background with in german saying that we are not supposed here and it's a error.

    This causes us to not show the pictures and not be able to comment/rate it. Which I think makes the contest kinda cheating on accident. Since not everyone can vote and then you will see that a 1 star picture so happend to got rated 5 before the bug happend and then it wins because no one could rate it down. (Same goes for 5 star pictures who someone rated 1)

    Well this a suprise. 2 carrie pictures, 4 Shining pictures (including mine), 1 Father's Day and 1 The Body.

    And no It/Pennywise pictures. Meanwhile that would be the most easy since like eveything is already in the sp-studio. Even the balloons are in it.

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    So... Everybody is a winner, because this time we only had 5 entries this time (+ 1 disqualification) ;) Thanks to everybody who still joined and showed their cool artworks!

    Well that was a first. I hope we get more pictures next time

    Uhm I got the same points as Strider

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    I didn't know if it was meant to become a big project like this in the first place, but I like the fact about it that every country contributes their own video. Not every bit is funny, but it feels good to work together.

    It was used to be a one time joke sketch. I don't think they expected it would go that viral