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    To add an extra game. This one you can play from 3 up to 6 players. Sherrif of Nottingham. It is a really fun game which I played today.

    Here are the rules

    There are 5 types of cards in the game (Normal cards are green, contrabands are red).

    Each person tries to bring as much items as possible to the market to make as much money. But contrabands are forbidden.
    So every turn a person is the sherrif and questions the people what they are bringing in. You always can only declare one type. So lets say you have 4 apples. you say 4 apples. But it could also be that you are carrying 2 apples 1 chicken and 1 contraband.

    It is up to the sherrif to decide to let you pass or check your bag. If a sherrif finds a non declared item you will get a fine for it and contrabands will be put in the discard pile. Non contrabands can be placed in the market after paying the fine. the worth of the items are in the gold coins numbered. the fines in the red. But if you are telling the truth and sherrif decided to search your bag the sherrif has to pay you a fine. Sneaking passed contrabands will increase your money more then normal cards but it more risky

    you can also bribe the sherrif to not check your bag with money, saying you won't check his next time. Or pay to let him/her search another persons bag. Of course you can outbid the other person to the sherrif. But it is up to the sherrif to decide who he/she searches and who not. The person with the most cash in the end wins

    So basicly it is a bluf game. It might sound difficult but really isn't.



    I understand your frustrations with GIMP. If your not familiar with it and just expect something quick and easy like paint you will be disappointed. Gimp can work perfectly fine but you to watch first some tutorials to get familiar with it. Just like with photoshop. There are so many options and stuff that for people new into it can get really messy and confusing.

    And like Janina already said. You can't use GIMP for vector art and expect crisp lines like in vector bases softwares.

    Although I would really not advise Paint for making art. If you never rescale then it is fine. But when you start to rescale stuff then it will get messy in Paint. But just google. There are enough free alternatives for GIMP/Paint, just take a look what suits you best. And remember. Good art takes time.

    Good luck :D

    Woohoo 1st place :D
    Congrats to all the other winners. To be honest. I didn't expect mine to reach first place and kinda ending low. But I am happy to see I was wrong

    Janina and the Mods (Me and Eggy) are well aware of this problem. It drives me also mad as a die-hard image creator and I know how you feel when you put hours of work into a picture and you get beat by a random kid with a terrible 2 second pic. But as you stated yourself it is hard to see how many times one person has voted and such. Still we try our best. Just so you know we are familiar with the problem and are looking into other ways. Just because of personal stuff it is has now less high a priority.

    As I understand the contests, they are meant to make the website more appealing to visitors. I'm afraid, if you limited the participation in the contest to forum members, this wouldn't lead to more forum members but only to less participants.

    And that is exactly the problem. Sadly this forum isn't as popular as it used to be back in 2011/2012/2013 when we easily got 20 pictures from forum members. From those glory days (correct me if I am wrong) the only real people left are Me, Janina, Eggy and Strider

    Sorry, no livestream this week...

    I really thought I could manage it, but I have huge problems coming back into my regular workflow. Since a lot of extra things are going on right now (funeral, complicated family stuff, problems with the house, work, new coder for the SP-Studio remake, SP-Studio update) I guess I should focus on the important issues first and "get my shit together" before I return to the weekly livestreams.

    I'm hoping for next week, but I won't announce anything specific for now because I hate to be this person who does not keep her promise. :(

    Take all the time you need. I hope everything for you and your family will go well soon and without troubles :)

    Also because nobody asked here is the top 3 most used backgrounds in the current contest (with 31 entries and a total of 9 different backgrounds)

    16 times used


    6 times used

    3 times used

    Ah I think I see what is happening here.

    Well back in the day Matt & Trey actually asked Janina if they could use the idea of sp-studio for their south park site. And well this is what turned out of it as they did not credit Janina sadly. So that is where the 'red version' is from. (but it is in no longer use)

    The second one is just sp-studio. Like the real deal.

    And the third one is a copycat site where the creator copied elements and designs from Janina without her permission. A site Janina and the mods are all to familiar with as it came up a lot with some previous users who promoted that site here.

    I am sorry for you loss :c I wish you and your family all the best

    I want to buy a new drawing tablet in the future, but i don’t know which one of those tablets i should choose.

    I moved it to Our Art as it did not really fit the sp-studio edited pictures topic.

    And regarding your tablet. It really depends on what is important for you. Like I have an Artisul D16 Drawing Tablet.

    It has a build in screen what I find quite usefull as you can draw on it like it was paper. As it appears on the place you hold you stylus instead of having to look at the screen seperate of your stylus. But it really depends what you find important and what you wanna do with it.

    A drawing tablet does not mean you automaticly make better art. So really think about what is important to you and search for it.