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    I think we both use a "Sh*tloads of items for Details", we just use it in a different way. But thanks again for the compliment :)

    I don't know how to describe it but you have a very specific art style when it comes to making sp-studio pictures. If you line up 10 random ones made. I can easily pick yours out. Keep up the great work!

    (If you don't know what to make. I would love to see you tackle Phantom of the Opera)

    Congrats on all the winners.

    I celebrated my 56th birthday yesterday, so this time winning is a great birthday-surprise for me. Tanks to all who voted for my Picture.

    Well deserved first spot. Also happy late birthday.

    Thanks for the kind words, Spooky! Very much appreciated! I hope my previous post didn't come off as sour grapes, it's just there's always at least one or two entries per contest that end up bending the rules, or don't really fit the theme.

    Not that I felt my entry deserved a spot, as I know it was one of my weaker ones. Still, I always try to put effort into mine, and even if they look simple, they likely still have a ton of assets used in some way.

    Yeah voting can be strange sometimes. Back in the day people voted on creative uses and now more so on what is popular. (See the stranger things one). But I do see what time and effort are put in your pictures and the others who aren't done in 1 minute.

    This year I didn't really play video games.

    But I did get deeply into the ttrpg of Call of Cthulhu which was a great fun. But my favorite game to play I think was: Saints Row 4 and Papers Please

    First off it is Jareen not Lareen.

    I really love them, I am sucker for Batman so it was really cool to travel around as Batman, fight baddies, find familiar faces and just listen to the top notch voice cast. Personally I prefered City over Asylum

    Hey! Very good! Where you did found the symbol on Strange's shirt?

    Thanks :D

    You mean the Arkham Symbol? I used the text tool and typed
    And then used the Moustache for the bar in the middle and sure I can give Catwoman a shot.

    Inspired by Mitchita, I decided to make my own take on Batman character, here are the first ones, more are to follow. If you have any requests let me know ^^

    Professor Hugo Strange

    The Riddler

    Mr Freeze (as requested by Eggyslav)

    Poison Ivy

    Clown Prince of Crime: The Joker

    Errors I found in Christmas Update, most of them aren't major/breaking, but I wouldn't do my job if I didn't notify you (12/12/2022 last updated)

    Day 4: Savannah background

    When you select the backdrop and click on the pencil icon, in the overview of everything used so far the sky will disappear of the background.

    UPDATE: It happens to all backgrounds with gradients

    Day 6: Medium hair 37
    In the menu where you can select the hair it is the only one where the character doesn't have eyes

    Day 9: cybernetic / bionic eyes
    The eyes are able to be flipped. Nothing really changes except a slight pixel shift where the pupils are.

    BellaX :

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It means sooo much to me!

    Well this is nitpicking but you might wanna change your choices when to lock something and what to lock first. As now certain things overlap that otherwise wouldn't. Like the hair of the guy and the mouth sides of the girl over the lipstick.