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    The Punch Out poster looks fantastic! While I like your other pictures as well the characters look way more detailed and the poses are more complicated.

    That is because they are official artworks by the game devs. I just placed it all toghetter.

    Hello, Here I post images of Non South Park artworks I made (most of them because I was bored)

    Here is a picture of an OC (Original Character) I designed and redrawn in the art style of Gravity Falls.

    Here are two pictures of two OC's I designed and redrawn in the art style of Scott Pilgrim

    This is a album cover I designed based on the Flash Short by James Lee Animations: Tarboy (2009)


    Here is black and white photo of Winston Churchill I coloured with Photoshop

    Here is boxing poster I made in InDesign based on the game: Punch-Out!

    And finally for now. Here is picture I made in Illustraitor (and some textures from google) as a minimalistic poster for the movie Shaun of the Dead.

    I am sorry, but I have to delay the start of the stream for one hour to 18:00 UTC (20:00 CET). Barbecue in the garden... and we were not able to start earlier.

    It is fine. Enjoy the BBQ, and for me it is a good thing it starts later. Then I have more time to prepare my dinner. See you at 8 :D

    So, I reckon Eggiz'lah, King of Worms is next? ;)

    Yes, as told above.
    Next up is...
    Eggiz'lah, King of Worms


    One of the most powerful allies of Janina II and the leader of the Black Synod, a sect of necromancers. He is revered as a demigod by his cultists, and indeed, during 2500 years of unliving he gathered great power and influence. King of Worms is an enemy to any living creature, but his arch nemesis are the Champions of Southparkia. Eggiz'lah is bitter, cynical ruthless and cruel, yet some folks admire his charisma, inteligence and determination. He leads a huge army of undead thralls, and with more victories his cursed legion grows in number and power. After the Siege of Planearia when he was severely wounded, He was presumed dead. Actually, Eggiz'lah although drastically weakened fled to his dark fortress to regroup his forces, and regain his power. Beware, Land of Southparkia, for King of Worms shall Return, and when he'll march, Vengence and Death shall follow him.

    (story written by Eggyslav)

    This looks amazing!

    And I laughed about the text. Did I ever mention my annoying sister or was this a coincident? ;)

    I don't think so. It was more because back in the days Eggy did the heroes and I was like, lets make some enemies. So everyone had a evil version of themselves.

    And to continue it: Next up...
    Jareen II 1/2 - Right hand of Princess Janina II


    Second Jareen twin was a strange child. Wether it was caused by trauma he had after his mother's death, or his transformation is unknown. Jareen II 1/2 claimed he heard voices in his head. Needless to say, the voices were driving him mad. He soon started to be obsessed with death, which lead him to an interest in vile art of black magic. At the time Jareen twins were 15 years old, and were rised by poor farmers in village of Maw. Jareen II 1/2 was practicing Dark Arts in his foster parents' barn. One of Jareen's rituals caused horrible fire, which killed the farmers, and disfigured his face. Jareen II, alarmed by the fire, ran for help. The peasants found out who was the arsonist, and tried to kill Jareen II 1/2, but he ran away to the nearby marsh. There Jareen II 1/2 was found by King of Worms himself. Eggiz'lah made Jareen his apprentice. Years went by, and Jareen II 1/2 grown up to be a psychopatic, sadistic killer nightblade. Since the barn accident, Jareen II 1/2, known now as Jareen the Mad, in his dementia blamed his brother for all the misfortunes he went through. When War of Succession started, Janina II needed a strong commander, capable of installing fear and obedience in her troops. She have chosen Jareen the Mad, who gladly have taken this role. They say, that when one of the officers was opposing Jareen's order, He teared his intestines out, tied it into a noose, and hanged the insubordinate soldier on it while he was still alive, right in front the eyes of former officer's men. Since then, No one ever denied Jareen's order.

    (story written by Eggyslav)

    And it is always helpfull to get quick feedback. Just like with the shoes. you work on something so long that you focus on the little details and not the overal design. + It is a good way to learn to know your audience a little better. Get new ideas and so on.

    Here are some of our sp-studio members from the dark side of SouthParkia. (I traced parts from sp-studio and made the whole picture in Photoshop)

    Lets start of with the Leader of the bunch: Princess Janina II


    Illegitimate daughter of King Mingus the Wise of Bikinium. She lived always in the shadow of her sister, always ignored by her parents, always shunned. Even in official titulature she was "the Second", even though Janina I was younger. Janina's grudge escalated, when her father in his last will passed the throne of Southparkia not to her, but Janina I. Since then she always has been plotting to overthrow Janina I, and take over Southparkia. Many times she tried to assassinate her sister, but with no avail, for the power of Zwergcalibur sword protected Janina I. Soon Janina II have been banished from Planearia. She settled down in mighty Grimsgate, where she found an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge. She found out, that Zwergcalibur is not the most powerfull weapon in Southparkia... Twin Blades of Chaos were her chance to take over. Janina II asked Eggiz'lah, King of Worms, to conjure up the blades. Finally, Janina II could declare war on her sister. It all started during coronation, at the Planearian Cathedral. During ceremony, just when Arch-bishop was anointing new Queen, Janina II walked right in, surrounded by armed hirelings, and ordered to stop the coronation. There was a fight, some people died, many got injured, but luckily, the royal knights quickly disposed of Janina's thugs, but the rebel Princess got away. She retreated to castle Grimsgate for reinforcements. That was the beggining of the Great War of Succession. When Janina I was gathering Champions of Southparkia, Janina II ordered her right hand man Jareen II 1/2 to bring her the most notorious, most bloodthirsty, and most sinister enemies of Southparkia. This motley band of cut-throats, Criminals, Cultists and Psychopaths was then known by the name "Fiends of Southparkia".

    (story written by Eggyslav)