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    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is by far my favourite film of 2014, so far, it's an absolute masterpiece. Far better than the first (the 2011 film) which was also brilliant, however this one knocks it right out if the park. 9.5/10.

    Haven't seen it since I last saw it when it came out, I remember not really expecting a lot from the film going into it but I came out quite satisfied. I know the film gets quite a lot of hate (maybe due to high expectations) but I personally thought the film was far better than I expected it to be.


    The Town?

    I know it came out a while ago but did anyone see the movie? I rewatched it for the first time since first seeing it in cinema and I gotta say, it was slightly disappointing. It wasn't near as good as the first one in my opinion (although this was mainly because I hadn't read the comic beforehand for that one, so it was a real surprise to me that the film was so good). The film got far too ridiculous and unrealistic in the end and kind of ruined the whole premise of it as in 'what would happen if someone tried to be a superhero in real life'. In the end,

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse was pretty good as The Mother Fucker but he wasn't near as evil as he was in the comic.

    Chloe Moretz was amazing as HitGirl again and Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also good and once again put on a pretty good american accent. :lol:

    Overall, I'd give the film a 6/10 for it's performances and some of it's drama

    Could have been better imo, in terms of comedy it wasn't even close to as funny as the first.

    What's the point of this? It doesn't make any sense. :?:

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    So the sequel is coming out soon.
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    This one will bring more of the classic spiderman elements to the series with Harry & Norman Osborn coming in and a new closer to the comics suit.

    The Villains are Electro (played by Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (played by Paul Giamatti)

    Originally had no interest in the sequel (not that the first one was bad, it just wasn't all that...) but after seeing the costume and hearing that Norman and Harry Osbourne will be in it, I'm pretty stoked. I just wish Mary Jane was in it (although I did like Gwen in the first one), but Mary Jane is da shit.

    Also, Electro in this kinda reminds me of Schwarzenegger's Mr Freeze from Batman & Robin, which kinda worries me.... </

    So Halloween's coming up soon; what y'all doing for it? Any plans? I haven't really got any (which sucks) so I might just host a small party or something. :)

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    By the way: My favorite Halloween movie is Trick'r Treat. Check it out if you search for great Halloween atmosphere!

    I only just saw this film the other day and I loved it. Probably my favorite Halloween film of all time, that or Halloween of course, which I only just saw last year to be honest.