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    my name do you already know

    I live in a small little german town, near Stuttgart.
    Im the age of 17 and my birthday´s on the same day as Dogzilla's and Jareen2's
    My hobbies... long bikeing tours, making photos, drawing and me and my friends have our own bowling-team.
    To the best thing on the world; musik: I like alternative rock, punkrock (german), and much more, my favourite bands: Green Day, Blink-182, sum41, Good Charlotte, Nirvana, Billy Talent, Linkin Park,...and german ones
    [strike]I HATE most kinds of RAP MUSIK[/strike] but I can't stand the most of it, especially most german rap...
    I use the SP-Studio since a long time...I remember version 2.0 ... sadly I wasnt very active in the Comunity till last Year...but that dont matters [strike]now I am[/strike] :D

    what do you think about the new season?

    can Walden replace Charlie??

    and has this show a future anymore?

    by my opinion: Its funny, too but cahrlie was better. He cant be replaced by anyone! Future: is there but i think there wont be more than 5 new seasons.

    What are your favourite episode or charakter?
    Or what do you think abou the newest episode?

    I wil start. I can't say I have a favourite eposode...I like nearly all.
    My favorite charater is Randy. I like that crazy stuff.

    5, please!
    ten stars are too much. the difference between goo nand bad is to high. one bad rating might kill your chances to win.
    and the newies will have no chances.
    how would you feel if u have 1 star and other ones 10 :(;o

    great work, your posts at the news were like the best triller;^)

    i must say a bit i miss the old gallery I liked the tumbnailpages and the "new coments" and "new pictures" categories...

    but I like new things :o)