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    Pond. I was quite a regular at the lokal pool for my teen years. It was very close and with the season pass I could just jump in for a few minutes after or before school or work. Since I moved I haven't been one single time though. No I prever going to the nearby lake or the river because... well it's free and I'm broke, but also I honestly never liked pool water because of the clorine. Don't know if I'm more sensitive to this than others, but it burns my freakin eyes.

    Going to see an artist you really love in a big place with thousands of others or rather something underground that you don't know with maybe ten other people?

    Actually, my own artwork will be the smallest part of this thread and only appear right in the end. I thought it might be confusing for a thread to be listed in the own art section and then not featuring any own artwork for weeks. My plan was to tell you more about myself, then to explain and show the evolution of my artwork from the SP-Studio characters here and later create a separate thread for the actual, completely original artwork. Maybe it's not common to have to many threads per user?

    I see, so, sorry about that. I feel like this is still the best place for the thread as your story is related to your art. As for one user having several threads, don't worry about this being a problem.


    As I'm sure Cap wouldn't quite like me running around in Anti-Flag shirts all day I'd join team money, um, I mean team Iron Man.

    Would you rater work in a daycare or in a retirement home?

    I have a lot of stuff I really like, but I think the one thing I couldn't live without is actually my passport, as I love traveling. Although some of my stuff has sentimental value to me, everything else can get replaced I guess.

    It's February 2nd, 2019: What are you currently looking forward to the most?


    What's pretty amazing for me is how simple it will be for me to include a new object. Of course I still have to draw everything, but the proccess of adding a new item has been made way easier - especially for things like the freestyle collection! This means you will very very likely see more items with custom colors and a way to change the layer position.

    Yay :party:

    Okay, to be very honest here: I don't really use the studio anymore. I don't know. It used to be a lot of fun for me, but it just isn't anymore. So, reading through your list of pros, I can't say any different but: go for it!
    And still, it feels like we would lose something.
    In my opinion, the best option would be to still offer the current version (no updates of course) for those who would miss it. I mean something like a button on the main page like "miss old SP-Studio?".
    The website I get my guitar tabs from did it like this and I think its the best way to do something like that.

    To be honest, I kinda have a problem with the new concept.

    I personally try to keep my Facebook page as "clean" as possible. Meaning, I almost never share anything, I like almost nothing besides pages I want to get news from. Actually, I would probably delete my facebook account if it wasn't the best way to stay up to date with some stuff. For me, it is more of a music news site rather than a social Network. Why I do this? I don't want to annoy my friends with the things I do online, and I don't want to over-share as well.
    So, to make it short, I wouldn't vote for pictures on facebook. And I do believe I'm not the only one by far who feels like this. :(

    7 years, wow!

    When I joined the site, very short before the community got upgraded, I was still such a dump piece of shit. ^^

    Welp, sometimes I still am.
    In the meantime, I finished school and am now looking forward to a summer job at Daimler to earn some experience and money for some time of traveling before probably starting my degree.

    I actually never liked Super Hero movies that much. But lately, I wathced the first few ones of the MCU chronic. And I must say, I really dig them now. looking foreward to watch the missing few ones over the next few weeks and eventually seeing Doctor Strange in the theater as well.

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    Now, who's this?

    I just realised how according to the background the diameter of the head of South Park people is half a meter... :lol: