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    Does anyone else love The Shawshank Redemption? I love that film! :D

    MY GOD YES! My favourite scene: When he played Mozart's S'ull Aria from Marriage of Figaro through Warden's speakers.... I'm actually listening now to that song.... :d

    That Yolkyslav fellow sounds like a pretty cool guy.... :rofl::lol:

    But seriously guys, end of this offtopic, lets get back to talking about our hobbies, mkay?

    Fav Food:

    Italian Cuisine mostly, Pizza FTW!
    Baguette with garlic butter
    Eggs & Bacon :hungry:
    Everything what contains sugar
    Everything Deep-Fried
    some fruits & Vegetables (But not Cooked)
    Chicken (Kentucky Fried one also...)
    Hot Dogs
    Tomato soup
    Any Grilled Meat
    Raw Human Meat.... LOL jk.. :rofl:

    Not-So-Fav Food:

    Mashed Potatoes
    Cooked Vegetables
    Cooked Meat (I prefer my daily portion of animal proteins fried, grilled or roasted).
    most of soups (cucumber soup? :puke: )
    our traditional polish cuisin (I'm not a culinary patriot, sorry)

    Like in the Topic, What do you like to play? :pc: Maybe there's a certain game or series you love? Or maybe a whole Genre? I generally like all sorts of RTS: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Warcraft, etc. Also I quite enjoy adventure games or Puzzles. From RPGs my all time favourite are Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim FTW! :awesome: ). When I'm in mood, I play action Games, like GTA, or Duke Nukem Forever. My other favourites are: Diablo II, Minecraft, Heroes of Might & Magic, and old, retro games.

    Guess what? Professor Asshole McDouche checked our exams! :excited: I've got B, so hooray for me, but still, I hate the Guy.... >(

    My Douchebag Ancient Technologies professor. Imagine that: Week passed after Fall Exams session, and he still didn't gave us marks. >(
    What is more, he gave me an essay on a very complex subject, and he refused any help. All in all, he's a real a**hole, I loathe him so much, UGH! :angry:

    I'd like to ask you, would you like to have RPG sessions on the forum, set in Southparkia? If you're not familiar with it, It's a fantasy world, created by me. Just look at my Champions of Southparkia album in old Gallery (when it will be avaible again). If I get 50 votes, I'll ask Janina to make a new sub-forum. There shall be Character Cards, Rules, and a subforum with all the lands of Southparkia. Ofcourse, I'll need some help with it, so those who want to aid me with this, and become a Game Master post here. If you have questions/suggestions, post here. Please Vote in the Poll.

    Kind Regards, Eggy

    Mainly Classical. My ever favourite composer is Mozart, although I sometimes like to listen to specific composers. Now for example, I'm in the mood for Schubert's Military March, or Rossini's uverture to Wilhelm Tell... Speaking of which, I just LOVE the opera: The music, the decorations, the costumes, That fantastic atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.... :sigh:
    Apart from that, I listen to whatever i find pleasing, that is EVERYTHING. Well, maybe except Techno and other crap like this...

    Domesticated Rats! these little guys are adorable, although they have one problem: Their Lifespan is really short, about 2 years, and the rat is no more... :( My sister had three male rats, bless their little rodent souls. Now we have a dog, her name is Zuzia (polish for Suzie), and she's a Lhasa Apso (Tibetan race of sheepdogs).

    I collect replicas of old weapons: Swords, Rapiers, Flintlock guns, that sort of thing. I have already a nice armoury. My dream is to own a Samurai Armor, to go well with my Daishyo (sword set, consisting of Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto). I'm also Interested in Ancient History, especially Egypt. Other than that, since i have no social life, I spend most of my time on my computer, and playing games.I also like to draw, read books, and listen to classical music. Once I had a nice collection of Lego, but most of it is now at my summer house, and the rest is in my basement. But I still enjoy building and playing with it.

    Name: Jarek.
    Age: 23 (or so... :P)
    City: Our Beautiful polish capital, Warsaw.
    Hobbies: Collecting Weapon Replicas, Ancient History, Archaeology, Computer Games.
    Favourite Games: The Elder Scrolls Series (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim), Minecraft, Duke Nukem, Heroes of Might & Magic, Any sorts of Real Time Strategy, Everything 8-bit.
    Favourite Music: Any melody I find pleasing, but mostly Classical Music. Favourite Composers: Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Johann Strauss jr., Offenbach, Liszt,Verdi, Rossini, Wagner, and last but not least, our national pride, Frederic Chopin. Also some classic rock Bands: AC/DC, Deep Purple, Queen, Beatles, some Rap, mostly Eminem...
    Favourite Films: Anything by Steven Spielberg, or George Lucas, or Both... Also Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, etc.....

    Sorry, no picture, Can't find any on my Disk.... :P

    Actually, I'm studying Archaeology, but before that, I studied History of Art and Philosophy, although I couldn't make it to the end of those studies....Don't ask.... After University, I'd like to be an Egyptologist.

    I don't know if I can add a new subforum... Also, I would need some help from you guys, making a PBF is lots of work.... But first of all, I'd like to know if you would like that idea....

    Speaking of CoSP, I have an idea: Champions of Southparkia RPG Sessions! :awesome: If anyone's interested, I might ask Janina to make a special sub-Forum for it......