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    Anyway, on a happier note:

    Who do you want to sing at your funeral?

    Nick Cave, no question. He is the only suitable choice. I don't really care what song though; he could even sing "My Humps" by the Black-Eyed Peas and make it sound suitably sombre and funereal.


    If someone you really dislike bought a working model of BB8 from the new Star Wars movie, would you be able to resist using it as a football if you got the chance?

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    The two types of eye makeup fill the whole eyes now, so you can use them to color closed eyelids. This was a contest wish by Caribou. I know it is not exactly what you asked for, because I changed the makeup instead of the eyes... but the result should be the same. I prefer to keep the selection of the eyes as simple as possible for now and keep it separated from the make up, so I did it this way.

    Would it be possible to keep the old crescent-shaped eye make-up as well as the new ones? The new ones work fine if you actually use the pieces as eye make-up, but the old shapes were really useful to use in other ways because of their shape - I've seen a lot of pictures where people have used the lower set to give their character large breasts, for example, and I've certainly used them both many times whenever I've needed a random curly-looking bit. I'd hate for one of my contest wishes to limit what people can make with the creator and I think the crescent-shaped pieces would be badly missed by quite a few people.

    That said, the new round ones would offer new possiblities for interesting uses as well, so if it's possible to keep both sets (on the same layer, I guess, as an either/or option) then that would be ideal. :)

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    Also, not really a bug, but I would prefer the rococo cravat to be worn above at least second layer, it would look better that way....

    Agreed. Although the new layering system may make sorting out things like this quite a lot of work for Janina.

    There's an usual bug with the three new shirts at the bottom of the last column in the Freestyle section - they look fine as long as you don't move them anywhere, but if you do then all the areas shaded with the darker tone turn black.

    Also, not sure if this is a necessary result of the new shirt-layering system, but the thicker of the two sets of wrist-bands is no longer above the top shirt layer.

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    I am not sure about two video game characters... I guess they should be disqualified, but if you think they should count I will let them stay.

    Personally I'd say that only the game company can have a mascot, not the games themselves. Otherwise they're just characters; you couldn't realistically claim that Groot was the "mascot" of Guardians of the Galaxy, for example.

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    I don't really like Jim Carrey but his performance in the film was great

    Jim Carrey is a tremendously gifted actor. For some reason, though, he decided for a great many years to make his living primarily by opening his mouth really really wide and screeching non-stop in a variety of shrill voices.

    Apart from the "Ooga-Booga-We-Are-Stereotypical-African-Savages"-nature of the Nigerians portrayed in the film, and the big action ending kinda spoiling the pseudo-documentary atmosphere of the rest of it, I thought District 9 was one of the cleverest, most entertaining and well-acted hype-machine blockbusters I've seen in a very long time. Even more impressive since it was Neill Blomkamp's directing debut, and he reportedly made it for very little money, which is kinda breathtaking when you consider the visual effects make most of Hollywood's big-name output look very shabby in comparison. I'd give it 8/10 - an excellent film with a few flaws just big enough to stop it being a classic.

    Pixar's Brave?

    There's a great bit in the School of Rock DVD commentary, during the scene where the little kid drummer is slagging Meg off, where Jack Black says something like, "I just want to butt in here and say that Meg White is one of the greatest drummers of all time. She has PSYCHIC POWERS!"

    (Also the fact that Jack White took Meg's surname when they married just makes me respect him all the more. Anyone who disses either of them in my earshot gets a hardy slap. ;) )