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    I'm pretty unimpressed with Deep Dream so far. At the moment it mostly just seems to cover the picture with random eyes and dog faces. "Trippy" it certainly isn't... at least not if you've ever tripped for real, anyway.

    I gave it a go anyway, using a photo of me in halloween costume from a couple of years ago, to see if it came up with anything interesting. Unsurprisingly, it came back covered in eyes. :rolleyes:

    I like that you rarely deviate from the classic "one person in front of a pre-drawn background" style, but still always manage to come up with interesting, well-composed pictures. Old-school done right. :thumbup:

    When I first started this thread, it was very tight at the top between four or five people, but after winning several contests in a row where there weren't many participants, I ended up being in the lead by a ridiculous margin (which is partly why I've only entered a handful of contests over the last couple of years; the last thing I want is for this thread to end up looking like some self-congratulatory vanity-project).

    With this in mind, I've been working for a while to implement the averaging system that I originally ruled out for being too much effort. It's taken a while, especially tracking down all the entries from users who never signed up to the new site, but I've finally managed to include a set of statistics that show the average number of points each user has scored in each contest they've entered. These figures are now included alongside the regular list, with the leaders marked in good old traditional gold, silver and bronze.

    Under this system (and discounting Nepathian, who never joined the new site) the current three leaders are Ildorf, Joker, and Lefiou. And I've got quite a way to go to catch up with them. :gnnn:

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    Just make sure when you make sp-studio pics to put the link to the website in the description or something!

    It's all HCShannon's own artwork. She's been an active user of this site for several years; I expect she's already familiar with Janina's copyright policy. ;)

    This user visited this site twice, two years ago. I don't think they're coming back.

    But if you'd like to see more of the community's pictures, there are thousands in the User Gallery section.

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    Wow! This post was made in 2013 :excited:

    We've had a fairly active community since 2010, so there are going to be plenty of old posts kicking around. Please don't resurrect long-dead threads just to point out how old they are.


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    Aaaanyway, my connotation are French Fries, which actually come from Belgium. :teacher:

    I think you'll find they actually come from Freedom. Which is probably a little town in Kentucky or something like that, I don't know, I'm not a geographyist. ;)