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    Just watched Boogie Nights with my housemates. Great film, seen it before a few times... but this time was particularly amusing because we had the wrong picture ratio settings, and didn't even notice until the infamous reveal at the very end of the film happened completely offscreen. :lol:

    I've never had anything even resembling a "life direction". Uni was more a convenient way of doing what the hell I wanted for three years rather than a stepping-stone to something bigger. Not the wisest move in hindsight, but I had a blast all the same. :)

    I'm the assistant manager of the greatest pub in existence, and a part-time musician. I've got a degree in Film Studies that I've never used for anything, it's a hell of a hard industry to break into if you're not 100% committed and I realised sometime in my second year that my heart wasn't in filmmaking enough to make a career out of it. It's always been about the music more than anything for me.

    You know, this has been one of my very favourite websites since I first got regular internet access, years and years ago. Like, top five, consistently. And it's only got better in that time.

    Janina, you are a legitimate legend as far as I'm concerned. Your hard work is much appreciated.

    “I like to take comfort in knowing that women are the only future in rock and roll.” - Kurt Cobain

    Amen. The ladies need to rock out more. It is rarely (if ever) a bad thing.

    Janina : I don't believe there's a soul on Earth that doesn't have something to offer musically. All you need to write a decent song is a handful of chords and an interesting idea to float them on. A lot of my favourite performances of all time have been by under-skilled musicians just having a go at something they thought was a good idea.

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    Comments or even guestbooks on profiles can be added if you want this. There's an add-on. But this might be something everbody will have then, so be sure if you want it.

    As long as people have the option to delete any unwanted comments then I have no objections.

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    There are several design changes I want to make in the gallery... for example stars for the rating. And you can decide if you prefer 10 or 5 (or 100 ;)) stars.

    Something like the old system would be ideal, where it doesn't take you to a new page when you click. The current method is pretty time-consuming in comparison.