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    I wouldn't necessarily be against the idea of having the pop culture items in their own category, but then that raises the question of whether or not to include all the South Park stuff in with them (or even give the South Park stuff its own category, although even that is probably overcomplicating things).

    I don't usually get a lot of PMs so I just assumed I hadn't had any new ones, but I just checked my inbox and saw one from you from a couple of weeks ago that I definitely didn't get any notification for.

    So, sorry for not replying earlier and yes, feel free to use any of my pictures for this or any other promo stuff you do in the future. I've always said that it's all your artwork anyway - I just moved the pieces around a bit. ;)

    A pretty simple wish for me this time, please: a pair of hands, one being the regular closed fist and the other open, like in this edited Obi-Wan Kenobi picture I did years ago:

    Sounds like it's decided anyway, but I agree with salinea. The less sub-categories the better, although there are enough football kits to warrant their own section, especially as they were all added at once and don't get used particularly often these days.

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    In my list I consider Joker and Joker5 as two different members.

    Checking up to the 25th contest the classifications matches (considering Joker and Joker5 together) except for bellaXraven that has 2 seconds and no thirds in your list and 1 second and one third in mine.

    Joker5 changed his name to Joker at some point, it's the same guy. I'll start rechecking the lists when I have time.

    Those are excellent. I'd love to see Finn and Arya's hair (especially Finn's; I've wanted to use a more realistic short afro-caribbean hairstyle many times in the past) and Jon Snow's hair & beard added to the Studio. I'd also like to see the Hound's facial scarring but I can see how that would be a nightmare with the layers (over the eyebrows but under the hair, good luck with that... :lol: ).

    I always do check for tied scores but it was inevitable something was going to start going wrong somewhere eventually. So many numbers... I always did prefer words anyway. I'll do the double-checking and update again as soon as I get chance.

    I don't suppose you can pin-point the list where I started going wrong? Hopefully it wasn't too far back... </

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    I'm not sure if this is a bug, but is there a limit on the number of rotations you are able to do for multiple items?

    I've found the rotation tool stops working occasionally when I'm pretty sure I haven't used the text tool at all, but I haven't figured out what causes it...

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    One day we'll venture over to the other side of the pond so you all can see us play a show. :)

    Hit me up in advance if you're ever in the south of England, we'll book you for sure. :)

    Assuming that's a famous highwayman and not some guy who films himself playing video games in a silly costume and uploads them to youtube... Dick Turpin?

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    But come on, no self-respecting band would want the kind of exposure she's had. It's been overwhelmingly negative and often humiliating. I feel sorry for her if anything, she might be financially better off but I'm sure this whole experience has probably permanently ruined her as a person.

    I wrote that about Rebecca Black about three years ago now. I'm happy to report I was wrong. =)