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    Yeah, personally I love that Two-face design; the colours are beautiful. I think my favourite set from the Batman Movie is Clayface - the build is genius. The only thing that's put me off buying it is the rather dull selection of minifigs it comes with, but I'll definitely be picking it up if I find it discounted somewhere.

    That's a really neat way of displaying them. My girlfriend and I need to do something similar with all of ours - at the moment they're arranged on shelves and they take up a ridiculous amount of room, plus they're an absolute nightmare to dust. I nearly bought some custom-made frames that I saw online recently (but were pretty expensive, especially when you factor in the postage from America), so it's good to know there's a decent alternative in Ikea.

    Little Shop of Horrors is wonderful - fantastic practical effects that still look great today. I've never enjoyed Rocky Horror much, partly due to the horrendously snobby reactions I got from a lot of people in the audience of the live show when I had the gall to go see it without dressing up in costume. I pretty much agree with Simon Pegg's character in Spaced when he described it as "boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually-repressed accountants and 1st year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue and Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls!". And "Time Warp" remains high on my list of most irritating songs of all time.

    Alien or Aliens?

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    if (as we probably will, let's face it) we vote the Tories in again, we are all fucked forever.

    Case in point: a Conservative majority will mean Theresa May will dismantle the UK's access to the internet and replace it with a government-approved one (kinda like the ones in place in such havens of liberty as, say, China and North Korea). She literally won't be happy until the country is a police state (except, of course, that the police are going to be cut as well, so we'll have incompetent private contractors like G4S doing the job the police used to do, which is frankly terrifying. Policing for profit - what could possibly go wrong?). And still, people lap it up because she keeps repeating the words "strong and stable", and in their eyes that's basically the same as having good ideas and being fair to people.

    So, yeah, the Conservative British government grinds my gears - damn near grinds them into dust. I am praying to gods I don't believe in that this election is the end of them forever. I'm just not hopeful that it's gonna be the case. :(

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    The fact that I can't have a respectable political discussion with anyone from Glasgow without someone shouting "FUCK THE TORIES!!"

    In all seriousness though, fuck them so hard.

    At this point I'm keeping everything crossed that Scotland votes for independence soon, because it's looking ever more likely that moving there is the best chance I've got of avoiding an entire lifetime of punishing Tory rule. This general election is truly Britain's last chance - if (as we probably will, let's face it) we vote the Tories in again, we are all fucked forever.

    I'm glad the UK hasn't done one, because our unelected Prime Minister and future God Empress of Britain has declared that Donald Trump has won a stunning victory and who am I to disagree with wisdom like that

    I think a lot of its appeal for me was how prescient it was right from the moment it started, but now the world has turned upside-down a lot of its ideas seem kinda tame. My favourite episode, "The National Anthem", was brutally nihilistic when it first aired but when our own IRL Prime Minister has IRL been accused of fucking a dead pig the idea loses its punch somewhat. Same thing with "The Waldo Moment" - these days, Waldo's rise to power kinda looks like a tame rerun of Donald Trump's ascendency. It's not the show's fault, since they had the ideas first, but the batshit global madness we're currently living in has dulled its edge a bit.

    As for other favourite episodes - I think all of the first season is pretty much perfect, and also particularly like "White Christmas", "White Bear" and "San Junipero", despite the last of these not really feeling much like a Black Mirror episode what with its Stranger Things-style '80s nostalgia and tender feel-good ending. I was loving "Shut Up and Dance" right up until the big twist, when all of a sudden it just felt like the whole episode was a slight retelling of "White Bear" from season 2, ie. that in both episodes

    It's still one of the stronger episodes this season (I love me some Jerome Flynn!) but the feeling that the show was repeating itself a little spoiled it a bit for me.

    If you're a fan of Charlie Brooker's writing I'd strongly recommend some of his older shows too - Dead Set is the story of a group of Big Brother housemates who leave the house to find out that the zombie apocalypse happened while they were on the show, and now the compound they were about to leave is the safest place to be. It's easily one of the best of the "alternative zombie" crop that started with Shaun of the Dead and still hasn't stopped (although it's arguably of most appeal to viewers who have a passing familiarity with the British version of Big Brother. That's not really a barrier to understanding it, just that it gets referenced a lot).

    Also Nathan Barley, his sitcom co-written by my all-time comedy hero and Brass Eye/Four Lions creator Chris Morris. It's only six half-hour episodes in total, which is nowhere near enough but it's so packed full of hidden jokes and touches that you're still noticing new things on your tenth viewing. Definitely one of my favourite sitcoms ever.

    (And if you're still after more then any of his various presented-to-camera shows with the word "wipe" in the title (like the 2016 one here are usually pretty top-notch satire, and a lot of them are on Youtube in good quality.)

    I don't think I actually saw any new movies last year. I've been really looking forward to Rogue One and Kubo & the Two Strings but I somehow haven't managed to get around to either.

    As far as TV goes, South Park and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were as strong as ever and Stranger Things was genuinely brilliant. Black Mirror had one excellent episode but the bigger budget and over-Americanisation really left me cold this time round, particularly as one episode had basically the same plot as one from season 2. I still like it, but I no longer think it's untouchable like I used to.

    And fucking hell yeah, Game of Thrones delivered this season. I was really disapponted by season 5 but I thought this year was at least the strongest since the Sean Bean days, if not ever. It's no exaggeration to say that the last two episodes this year are possibly the best examples of "TV Drama as serious art" I've ever seen - I didn't know Miguel Sapochnik before but he's clearly one hell of a director. The battle scene from "Battle of the Bastards" is better than I ever thought would be possible on the small screen - in fact it's better than any from Hollywood either, come to think of it.

    I've been seeing this message off and on for the last couple of months. Sometimes it'll let me look at a picture, sometimes it won't - and it happens in other folders such as Wish Voting too, it's not just the contest folders.

    So far it's displayed the maintenance message every time I've tried to vote this month.

    Only Janina can give a definitive final word on this, but I would have thought that as long as it's not for profit and you've given her proper credit then it should be fine.

    I didn't realise I still had a wish outstanding. Since they won't take long to draw, could I have a variety of facial lines and/or noses to make more detailed faces possible please? The Morgan Freeman here is a good example, or maybe other generic parts from the South Park adults like Richard Tweek or Mr Mackey's noses?

    Jealous. I want both the main Simpsons sets so badly; I've got all 32 of the separate figures but those main sets cost a freaking fortune over here.

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    I wondered if it would be nice to have a mouse over effect that shows a small description about an item if it is based on anything known? Something like "Inspired by Game of Thrones". I did not include it because it would mean some extra work, but if you like the idea I might be able to do it when I work on the shirts category anyway.

    I like the idea a lot, but if it's going to mean a lot of hassle for you then I'd say don't go to any trouble...

    I'm happy for you to use any of my pictures, as long as the title and description are included. Quite a lot of my pictures don't make much sense without the description underneath. :)