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    Umm, hello there.

    Name: Jamie
    Age: 14 (oh shit, this is the first time I've revealed my age to you guys. WELL BUGGER.)
    From: Ardrossan, Scotland
    Hobbies: Music, Movies, Comics, drinking Tea, etc.
    Favourite musical genres: Prog, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical.
    Favourite band: Toss-up between Gorillaz, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
    Favourite movie: A Clockwork Orange
    Jeff Mangum: Jeff Mangum

    Yeah, the most recent picture of me on my computer is from Halloween. Guess who I dressed up as.

    My hair's much longer now and I'm less tanned and spotty.
    (yes, that's a codpiece, be jealous)

    Quote from Janina

    Comments or even guestbooks on profiles can be added if you want this. There's an add-on. But this might be something everbody will have then, so be sure if you want it.

    I've seen it on other forums and it seems to be a useful addition. It all depends if everyone else wants it though.