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    Okay, it's ony my list now :).

    I have a question: When you look at a profile page of someone else the text on the right appears to be a bit higher than the descriptions on the left. Is this in error from my browser or do you see it too?

    Yeah, it's doing that for me too. I'm using Google Chrome, by the way.

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    I like the idea. I could create an "artists" forum in the Off Topic area. For every SP-Studio unrelated art (including our drawings, paintings, writing, music). What do the others think about it?

    That'd be nice, go for it.


    Umm, hello there.

    Name: Jamie
    Age: 14 (oh shit, this is the first time I've revealed my age to you guys. WELL BUGGER.)
    From: Ardrossan, Scotland
    Hobbies: Music, Movies, Comics, drinking Tea, etc.
    Favourite musical genres: Prog, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical.
    Favourite band: Toss-up between Gorillaz, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
    Favourite movie: A Clockwork Orange
    Jeff Mangum: Jeff Mangum

    Yeah, the most recent picture of me on my computer is from Halloween. Guess who I dressed up as.
    [Blocked Image:]
    My hair's much longer now and I'm less tanned and spotty.
    (yes, that's a codpiece, be jealous)

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    Comments or even guestbooks on profiles can be added if you want this. There's an add-on. But this might be something everbody will have then, so be sure if you want it.

    I've seen it on other forums and it seems to be a useful addition. It all depends if everyone else wants it though.