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    I have a little problem with Marlon Brando from ''The Godfather'' and Jack Nicholson from ''Once flew over the cuckoo's nest''. The first one : I did something but I think it can be done much better, but about the second I have no idea how to start. It's impossible for me to present his facial features (let's be honest here, his face's features are truly unforgettable). Has anyone got an idea?

    I'm not sure how would that work but I think forum could use a new topic in "SP-Studio Art" part. It could useful for people who want to make a character, but they don't know how to do it, what items to use and this kind of things. So such people could make their own thread in which they ask for advice about creating a certain character and other men would show their own versions of the thread's topic or indicate items you could use to create the thing. Would it be a good idea? I'm sure I would use it (I have no idea how to make Vito Corleone) and I don't see any topic on the forum that could be used for the purpose I mentioned.

    Sorry for my poor english, I learn.