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    survival horror games such as Resident Evil series,Silent Hill series except for the latest two-these games are beyond just being a game to me :thumbup: ,shooters like Killzone2 , 3 8) or MoH and action adventure games like Ratchet and Clank series :awesome:

    My favorite episode so far is ''You're getting old'' along with "Ass burgers'' i laughed so hard in these ones :awesome: i like it also when Butters sings :lol:

    I dunno if anyone has experienced the same problem but when i'm trying to create my own album it says that i don't have the permission to do so :???: .Could anyone enlighten me how to solve this problem?I would be very greatful :)

    thanks for the nice welcome everyone :)
    nice to see you too Eggy and thanks for the compliment ViralMonster:D

    Hey guys thought it would be useful and fun to join this community :D I actually knew about South Park for years but never been able to encourage myself to find out what its really about.My name's Karol (sorry if it sounds girly but its actually a male name :D ),i'm 22 and i'm currently residing in Amsterdam .I got to know quite a lot of people from all over the world :awesome:
    So i started watching SP few months ago (pretty late :lol: ) and found it hilarious.My hobbies ,well rather interests are console gaming ,music,movies,game soundtracks ,travelling,history,some technology and sometimes even drawing ..yeah it's nothing special but still :P I find south park studio very amusing and hopefully i'll get a chance to post some of my ideas soon. As for SP itself my favorite characters are Kyle and Butters :lol: