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    Share a random fact about yourself! I will go first:

    I took an ROTP (ROTP is basically Canadian version of ROTC) class in high school for 3 years because I had a strong interest in the military.

    Stolen from a forum I am in :) In this game, a member will suggest a food or drink and the member after them will say ''Yum'' if they like it or ''Yuck'' if they find it gross. Then the member does the same:

    Member 1: ''Fries?''
    Member 2: ''Yum!


    I will start!


    I've joined a while ago but finally got to making a post. Well, sup everyone, name's Paul. I am 20 years old and I am from Toronto. I currently go to college with my boyfriend. I love to draw! My favorite South Park character is Sheila. Besides South Park, my interests are the Ginga series by Yoshihiro Takahashi, FNAF, and (as you can probably guess from my username) Turning Red.

    I go by any pronouns but He/Him is strongly preferred.