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    Janina, I’d like to suggest you to revamp Kyle’s and Craig’s hats.

    That’s how their hats look in the show.

    That’s how their hats look on SP-Studio.

    It would be a lot nicer to make them more accurate to their tv shows’ counterparts, don’t you think?

    Janina, I have a suggestion for you: eyes with curve lines.

    Here’s a comparison between a canonical picture of Kyle to the picture that i made on SP-Studio.

    Have you seen the difference? The canonical picture accurately depict Kyle with a black curve line between the two eyes while the one made on the SP-Studio doesn’t have this line.

    I mean, you don’t need to revamp the entire avatar to make it closer to how South Park children characters look, but you should at least improve the eyes.

    Why March?? Sorry if I’m being way too impatient but why the New SP-Studio can’t have the extra update around late January or early February? I’m just asking.

    I think the transparent png file could be implemented in the day of the launch, as for the svg file, maybe in the extra update or so.

    But speaking of March, it would be nice if you created a Country update with Cowboy stuff, it’s my main request for you at the moment since there’s very few Country-centric itens and clothes in the SP-Studio.

    Janina, do you think this community will be more active after the new SP-Studio launches? I mean, i currently noticed a strong lack of interest for SP-Studio in recent years to the point that many South Park newer fans does not even know the site at all or are more familiar with the official avatar creator.

    There’s also the fact that a lot of those fans have smartphones and iPhones, but the new version will work fine on mobile browsers.

    I think SP-Studio will attract more fans with the new version, at least i hope so.

    From lack of customization to being utterly boring, it’s time to this game get a new redesign.

    I’ve already talked about how terrible this game is in this DeviantArt Journal entry, it suffers from being a wasted potential and is overall very limited.
    If Trey and Matt contracted Janina back in the early 2000s, the current state of this official South Park creator would be a lot better.

    But how about you? Do you think South Park Digital Studios would develop a new version of this game? Comment below!

    But there is another problem I really need to think about before I give my okay for exporting svg files...

    Unfortunately it would make it easier to steal my art. And while I want to help others to be creative and have fun it makes me really sad when people use my drawings without giving me credit. Its extremely rude and disrespectful. :( When you put years of your life into something and don't ask for anything else in return than to mention your website this hurts a lot. It's not just unfair to me, but also to "real" fan artists who draw everything themselves. Unfortunately I notice many people on DeviantArt and other websites use SP-Studio characters or backgrounds for their own art projects without mentioning in the descriptions. This is a big problem. I don't want to encourage them by making it even easier to steal all my drawings in high quality vector files.

    So even if it will be possible I won't promise yet that I'll actually include this function. Too many bad experiences with art thieves...

    I know you had bad experiences with art thieves in the past, but i honestly think you should write at least a warning to people credit your art like you did with the Classic SP-Studio.

    While i know that a lot of people used your art without credit, as far as i know, most current South Park fan artists on DeviantArt mainly tend to use references from the official avatar creator and the actual show, yeah, they still occasionally use SP-Studio, but many of them tend to credit it.

    I’m not denying that you’ve struggled with art thieves, but i think you should think more before making a tough decision, a SVG export could be useful due to the fact that a lot of South Park newer fans are unable to afford better programs or just can’t draw at all.

    But this is up to your word, I’m not forcing you to add a SVG export because I’m just giving constructive criticism if you want to create a more improved version of the SP-Studio.

    I know the save as SVG image option is not going to be implemented soon, however, it is possible to create an option to save as a transparent PNG image? I mean, the official South Park avatar creator has a "no background" feature and you can save it as transparent PNG, but the official game has less customization and is more limited.

    Also, many fans like to edit their own South Park avatars with additional software, but it’s still very hard to find a really good software that is able to remove the entire background without letting some small outlines and not everyone can afford expensive software.

    It would be a lot easier for us, don’t you think?

    Here's the reply from Lars (in my rough translation): The image on the website is in SVG format, but to make it possible to download it, it is converted to a HTML5 canvas and then to a png file. Since the original images are svg files there is a slight chance to find a way to make the browser export it this way. Right now this is not possible though.

    So... it maybe could become a possible update in the future. But not for launch, that's for sure. Unfortunately there is no easy solution for this problem and so other thinhgs are more important now to focus on.

    Agreed! The images are in SVG format, I think it would be possible.

    However, i don’t mind if this wouldn’t be implemented in the day of the launch, but keep in mind that some fans don’t have enough art skills to create their own South Park avatars and tracing or/and recreating the South Park characters in editing programs over and over again can be pretty exhausting.