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    Outside of Germany they only know Bavarian houses, not the ones from Northern Germany.

    Well, it has become quite a stylistic mix, anyway. But as a provider of online content, you also have an educational mission.

    Wow, I love that! Reminds me a little bit of Casita from Encanto.

    At closer inspection the Portal of the casita looks a bit like a portal I once drew:

    If I can find the source file again, I could imagine to add a bougainvillea and a mission-style roof to it.

    What a cosy background... and I think you did a really good job on the roof. This part looks difficult.

    The basic idea was an idealized version of a traditional Northern German garden, which makes me wonder why some get such a latin vibe from it. Drawing the roof included a whole lot of guidelines. But the curvature still looks a bit odd and the tiles are a bit to shiny for my taste.

    I didn't know that movie. My house is a little smaller and the vegetation less tropical. But i guess one could use ist for a picture based on that movie when it's completed.

    The roof is finished now although I'm not completely satisfied, yet. I'm glad I didn't decide to become a roofer. I guess, concentrating on the plant life for a while should be more relaxing.

    Mylène Farmer (with a little help from Moby) - Rallumer les étoiles

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    Merci beaucoup ! Au fait, cette connection francaise n'est past complettement faute. En recherchant pour la construction du toit, j'ai trouvé qu'il y'a des maisons similaires en Bretagne et en Normandie.

    But my French is also quite flawed and I don't think Paul/Tony Maroj meant to apply for translating the forum into French. But on other forums I already saw threads where people converse in different languages. Maybe one could establish something similar here. This is a suggestion thread, after all.

    I think, a blue door and windows are a better contrast to the plants. Regarding the roof, I'm still trying to figure out how to create a convincing curvature for the dormer above the door.

    It would be useful to have some context. I assumed this picture would be a redo of another picture of an OC of yours, you posted somewhere else on the forum. That there is no bathroom in this bathroom picture doesn't help. I don't know the movie, so which role does Anne Boleyn play in it? I assume it's just another unrelated idea that came to your mind.

    Maybe a more fitting title for the thread could be "Pictures by tracys4_lifer". You can edit the titles of your own threads and also all your posts anytime, although I wouldn't recommend to overdraw it. Generally, it's not very likely that everybody knows an independent movie from twenty years ago. You could have written something like "This is the character Tracy from the 2003 movie 'Thirteen' in her famous bathroom scene" in the corresponding post directly above or beneath the picture. You'll get more reactions, if you write more about your pictures' background. Linking to reference pictures without others having to ask is also always nice. I wouldn't normally post them here because of copyright issues.

    The garden should belong to a house. This is my first draft of it. Paul/Tony Maroj already knows a bit more about it because it's the house of a little girl named Janithy. I still have to cover the roof in shingles or something like that.

    Currently, I'm working on a garden scenery. I could imagine to make it available as a background image here on the forum when I'm finished, if there's interest.

    And Thirteen's supposed to be her name? She doesn't seem to feel very comfortable in the middle of nowhere. Maybe someone's after her?

    Where's the bathroom?

    Generally it would have been better to keep the original thread and post this picture there. So one could've compared the pictures. Also, it's preferable not to create a new thread for every post.

    If you're referring to embedding pictures into your posts, I think I already explained that you have to use the attachment button below the textfield. The image button on top can be used if you already uploaded a picture to another website like Instagram or Facebook you can link to. But that's genereally the way the forum software works and doesn't have to do with the kind of device you're using.