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    This is not possible, because websites cannot link to the files on your computer. This would be really bad! :scared:
    You always need to upload the files to a web server. I could allow to upload files to the forum, but this would mean tons of MB... and as you already know from the old gallery my space is limited ;). That's why I cannot do this. The only pictures you are allowed to upload here are SP-Studio related pictures to your user gallery.

    But there are many ways how to get your file online. You can upload it at Facebook or Google+ if you have an account there and then link to it. Or you can use your own webspace if you have any. If you don't have anything like this there are free services which offer space for image files. Here are two of them: (you need to regsiter your e-mail address)

    • Choose the image file from your computer ("browse" button).
    • choose "resize for message boards, 640x480 pixel".
    • click the "Upload now" button
    • Copy "forum code" and paste it into your post. (no registration, but in German)

    • Choose the image file from your computer ("Bilder von der Festplatte hinzufügen").
    • choose "verkleinern" > "lange Seite 600pixel".
    • click the "Abload!" button
    • Copy "Code für Foren" and paste it into your post.

    Give it a try, websites like this are easy to use :).

    I can change this setting if the others think we should have more posts per page. And I can try to include bigger "next" and "previos" buttons under a page.

    Good news: I think I fixed the log in problem. Now the forum should remember you (if you did not deactivate cookies).

    I never liked sitcoms... Scrubs was the only one I watched for more than one episode. So I guess that's why I never understood what's funny about taahm ;). When I was a kid I really liked Sheen in the old Hot Shots movies. But now I only see him as an Alcoholic retard, which is kinda sad.

    Visit your UCP (user control panel) and there click on gallery. That is where you manage your albums and upload pictures.
    To join a contest or upload a wish just visit the album in the gallery. The upload button is too small at the Moment, i will try to change this.

    Welcome on board! :)
    It's good to have a mod to talk you when the other mods scare the newbies ;).
    I have to admit I an the most unmusical person on earth (horrible singer, no sense of rhythm and my music collection is a shame), that's why I admire people who can play an instrument.

    Maybe you know me... I'm Janina from Frankfurt (Germany) and the creator of this website.

    When I was still in school I used to draw my friends and celebrities in South Park style. Then I thought: "Hey, maybe this would be a nice online tool for people who can't draw themselves." And the SP-Studio was born. I am not a real coder, so all I know about Flash was learned by trial and error.
    After studying I worked for an advertising agency for a couple of months but I realized that's not my kind of job. I need freedom and enough time to work on my own projects. So I decided to risk working as a freelancer for webdesign and illustrations - and I was lucky, because I can still pay my rent ;).

    Now I am 29 years old (I guess I am the oldest around here?), though I am often told I look younger. Maybe this comes from my "childish" hobbies. I love all kind of video- and boardgames, collect Lego minifigs and South Park merchandsing and visitors say our home looks like a toy museum. My biggest hobby used to be painting / drawing, but unfortunately I got a bit lazy lately. I should finish more pictures. Oh, and my husband and I love movies. Our DVD collection contains more than 1000 titles and is still growing. I rarely watch TV.

    My favorite movies include Memento, Natural Born Killers, Life of Brian, Highlander, The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, V for Vendetta, American Beauty, Shoot em up, Ju On, Battle Royale, Being John Malkovich, Batman begins, Donnie Darko, Little shop of Horrors, Braindead... and many trash horror movies :D. They are the best for a funny evening with friends.
    My favorite TV show is South Park (sure), but I am also a big fan of Lost and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    I grew up in a wonderful house (over 100 years old, built by an artist) with a big garden and a lot of pets. So though I live in a big city I enjoy nature and to be around animals. We can't have cats or dogs here, but my hamsters Snood and Knoet are cute too.

    What else can I tell about myself... I hate girlie stuff, superficiality and prejudices. I never wear skirts, I think make up is ugly and I can fix my computer myself. Most of the time ;).

    And that's me:

    Thanks :). I have to make you a mod first, wait a minute.

    I think I can allow users to turn off comments for their own gallery, but not the rating. This is a global setting. But I will have a closer look, maybe there's an add-on to make it possible.

    Regarding the old thumbnail pages: Right now the thumbnails are very big. This has the advantage you can look through most pictures without clicking on them. But I understand why you prefer the smaller thumbnails. Perhaps it's best to wait till all moderators have registered and then we will have a vote on this issue. Small thumbnails vs big thumbnails.

    There are "new comments" and "new pictures" links in the gallery. I can make them bigger and put it at a better place, that's no problem.

    Comments or even guestbooks on profiles can be added if you want this. There's an add-on. But this might be something everbody will have then, so be sure if you want it.

    There are several design changes I want to make in the gallery... for example stars for the rating. And you can decide if you prefer 10 or 5 (or 100 ;)) stars.

    Here we can collect things I still have to change in the gallery & forum.
    If something looks weird or doesn't work - tell me :).

    • Gallery: Stars rating instead of just numbers (difficult, will do it later)
    • Gallery: links on top of image: user gallery, sub gallery,...
    • IE bug: main menu items with drop down menu (which version?)
    • Team: table header looks wrong