Changing the resolution

  • What screen resolution do you use on your computer? 10

    1. Less than 1024x... (0) 0%
    2. 1024x... (3) 30%
    3. 1280x... (2) 20%
    4. More than 1280x... (3) 30%
    5. Even 1920x... or more! (2) 20%

    Can you please vote in this poll? It's about which resolution you use when visitting and creating pictures. I have data from Google Analytics, but would like to see which resolution the community members use, since you are the loyal fans. :thumbup:

    In the past couple of months I learned a lot about responsive webdesign and because of this I think about changing the front page a bit, so it fits better on big screens. Those of you who use a small resolution (1024 and less) would still see the current version and not be affected. But it would be useful for the rest of us, because right now on bigger screens there is a lot of unused space on the left an right.
    I want to check if enough people with high resolutions visit before I start working on this. And I am not sure yet if I should just make two versions (less and more than 1024) or even a third one for really large monitors (1920x...). Maybe when somebody uses this really high resolution the news could be located next to the SP-Studio instead of the bottom.

    A theroretical possibility: I could also make the SP-Studio itself appear bigger on big screens without quality loss, but I am not sure if you want this. Right now everybody who uses it sees it in the same size (100 %) and the pictures have the same size as well. If you have an opinion about this, please share it here :).

  • I have recently changed my PC in the job and now it's 1280x1024, being 1024x768 the old one.
    At home I use a netbook with 1024x600... but, as I lost the free wifi that I had there, I don't navigate with it frequently.

    I guess that changes in the resolution of the website may affect the size in pixels of the captured screens pictures compared to the the saved ones (385x385 px)... :???:

  • If I would display the SP-Studio itself (the Flash file) bigger, the saved image files would still be 385x385. This is a size I cannot change without changing every single file. Alt least as far as I know with my limited coding skills ;). But the screencaptured pictures would be bigger of course, if the SP-Studio would be displayed bigger.

    So I am not sure if I should do this... people might be confused about it if the saved files appear smaller than during building the characters.