Contest 11/2013: FOOD

  • November is the month of Thanksgiving... at least in America. Here in Germany we celebrate it in October and only the really religious people care about it. Anyway - food is a good topic, so let's just do it! :)

    Create a SP-Studio picture about food. You are free to show anything that has to do with it: Healthy and unhealthy food... starving children and fat couch-potatoes... plants and animals we eat... supermarkets and restaurants... people who work with food or just a simple picture of food itself.


    If you are new: Register a nickname by clicking on the REGISTER button in the menu on top of this page.
    Then you can upload your picture to the contest gallery.
    The pictures will all show up on November 16, before this they are hidden. Then everybody can vote.


    • The picture must be created at and submitted here till November 15, 11:59 PM (GMT+1).
    • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming. Just SP-Studio pictures.
      You are allowed to rotate the picture.
    • Add a fitting English title & description (optional). You can add reference links. No text like "VOTE!!!".
    • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest counts and the others are deleted.
    • When the voting starts registered users can rate the pictures (1-5 stars) until November 30.
    • Vote fair! Do not manipulate results by telling friends to give you 5 stars and others 1 star. I will ban you for this.


    1st place: Make a wish for a new SP-Studio item and I will draw and include it.
    1st to 5th place: You win your own User Gallery. If you already have one you can upload 30 more files to it now.
    Janina's Choice: I might pick one additional person, if I think he/she deserves a user gallery. The score doesn't matter.

    Good luck!

  • Hey Janina, did you got mine pic?


    Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
    Tochter aus Elysium!
    Wir betreten feuertrunken,
    Himmlische dein Heiligtum!
    Deine zauber binden wieder
    Was die Mode streng geteilt;
    Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
    Wo dein saftner Flügel weilt!

  • Yes I got it. :)
    Since one pictures disappeared in the last contest I will post a list of names this time 2 days before the voting starts. I guess that's a good idea so everybody can be sure his picture got through.

  • Until now I got pictures from:

    Jack Cole

    I hope all came through :).

  • A little reminder: Please take the time to vote!
    This helps a lot, because if we only have 3 or 4 votes per picture this isn't really working. And please remember not only to vote for your favorites.

  • Yummy:


    1) June
    2) Jareen2
    3) Kipikii
    4) Strider
    5) XDJPC


    [album]5278[/album] [album]5281[/album] [album]5276[/album] [album]5257[/album]

    Kipikii and XDJPC won their own user galleries :).

  • XDJPC has two pictures submitted in this contest, the Lady Gaga one and the Hulk one. That's the main problem with not being able to see usernames until the contest is over... it doesn't affect the outcome any, since the winning picture was uploaded later, but really the Hulk one should be deleted.

  • No problem :) This happens often, because people are allowed to replace their first submission by another one, as long as they upload it in time. So usually I just delete the older picture.

  • And as usual, the 'Unofficial Mathematical Classification' :pc: :

    1 Hamburger.........................4,11 x 9 = 36,99 [1]
    2 Artichoke.............................3,67 x 9 = 33,03 [3]
    3 Attack of the killer Tomatoes...3,75 x 8 = 30,00 [2]
    4 Weird Al & xrox295................2,75 x 8 = 22,00 [7 & 8]
    6 Lady Gaga meat dress............3,14 x 7 = 21,98 [5]
    7 Cheese & Crackers.................2,86 x 7 = 20,02 [6]
    8 Kenny dreams on pizza............3,17 x 6 = 19,02 [4]
    9 Jack Cole..............................2,25 x 8 = 18,00 [10]
    10 Pizza delivery.......................2,13 x 8 = 17,04 [11]
    11 Petey Pig............................2,33 x 6 = 13,98 [9]

    Congratulations to the winners. :joy: