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  • Oh God, I just had na epiphany! :idea:

    How about....


    JOKER Contest?

    No, seriously, since in every contest there must be one green haired Heath Ledger, how about a whole contest about this one character, even just for lulz? :rofl:

  • At what point did people decide all these Jokers was a good thing? I must have missed that meeting.

  • i dont know, Its just like things happen... But i somehow think this is going to end soon anyway.

  • Quote from Caribou

    At what point did people decide all these Jokers was a good thing? I must have missed that meeting.

    Same...I'm honestly not a fan of Jokers anyway. :whatever:

  • Here is my list of Contest Ideas: Anti-Bullying, Our Future Selves, Dream Vacation , Amazing Animals : animals doing incredebile tricks or doing something heroic or special , Famous Animals real or animated, Our Oscar Predictions, Who we would like to see nominated for an Oscar or movies we think should get an Oscar. Best and Worst of 2012: Movies, T V , Books etc...

    • I like the idea about vacations (maybe for a contest in summer ;) ) and books would also be an interesting topic :)

    • For every of your movie-related topics: We already had some, and if there will be more, they will be related to the genre, says Janina. Maybe you'll find a fitting one.

    • The animal contest was already there too (the thing with the tricks: too special. Maybe don't ask for a contest every time you made a cool picture ;) )

    • An what happened in 2012 contest will be in January :)

    • ourselves in future: Im not sure, I think theres no way to compare the pictures...
  • It can be seen that the latest contests have been a little bit 'speciallized' and the participation has been extremely low.
    Maybe it is needed a simple and generalistic theme... like, for example, 'Pirates', 'Knights', 'Barbarians', 'Fairies', 'Withches', 'Aliens', 'Monsters', 'Politicians',...

  • Yo Janina, I have an Idea: We had a series of "Continent Contests", and there was a Classical Antiquity contest, so how about "Historical Periods contest series"? This is how I see it, in brackets there are some topics for pictures:

    1. Prehistory (Evolution, Early Hominids, Ice Age, Neolithic Revolution, cave paintings, first cities (Mohendjo Daro, Catal Huyuk))
    2. General Antiquity up to Migration Period (not only Greece and Rome, but also Mesopotamia, Egypt, Middle East, etc)
    Middle Ages (Rise of Islam, Vikings, Bysantine Empire, Black Plague, Knights, Crusades, Feudalism and Pre-Columbean Americas)
    3. Rennaisance and great discoveries (Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Michelangelo, Medicis, dawn of firearms, Conquistadors in America)
    4. 17th and 18th Centuries: (Pirates, Highwaymen, Wars of the Period, Baroque art, Louis XIV and his court, Philosophers, Age of Illumination, Inventions, French and American Revolutions, Ottoman Turkey, Composers: Bach, Mozart, Haendel, Beethoven, Haydn)
    5. Years 1800-1914 (Napoleon Bonaparte, Vienna Congress, 19th century artists, Writers and composers, American Civil War, Wild West, Industrial Revolution, Colonialism, Victorian England, Scientists of the period, inventions (Steam engines, electric Lights, Airplanes, Motor Cars, Photography, first movies), Turn of Centuries, Art Deco, Artistic Boheme, up to World War I)
    6. Years 1914-2001 (World War I, "Roaring Twenties", Prohibition and Gangsters in USA, Communistic Revolution in Russia, Adolf Hitler, World War II, Nuclear Energy, fifties, sixties, and seventies in culture, Space Exploration, Cold War, War in Vietnam, Fall of USSR, Computers and Internet, eighties and nineties in culture, basically everything that happenned between WWI and attack on WTC)

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