SP-Studio Community Bug report

  • Hmm... that's strange, I set it to 100.
    Did it change at from 20 to 32 now? Or was the limit already at 32 characters before I made the changes?

  • I am afraid I can't change it, sorry... I searched for other options, but I couldn't find any. I even had a look at the source files of the forum, but my PHP knowledge is not good enough.

    Have you tried to change the title after you uploaded it? Maybe this 32 characters limit only takes place during the upload.

  • No, I'd already tried that, it makes no difference.

    Kinda frustrating, 'cause I've got lots of pictures with titles over 32 characters long. >(


  • Is there a way of having the path to each picture visible on screen? As in, instead of just having PICTURE TITLE above the picture, it would have links saying GALLERY>USERS' GALLERY PICTURES>USERNAME>SUB-ALBUM>PICTURE TITLE?

    It'd make navigating through the user galleries a lot simpler, as there is often only a redirect to the main gallery page, and that's it.

    I also kinda miss having a "My Gallery" button at the top of every page, but that's just pure laziness. :whatever:

  • one thing, -wonder nobody asked about it before....- in the gallery theres a white border ´round each pic at the tumpnail pages, which is half ofer the title... that´s not verry nice

  • There should be no border around the thumbnails, so I guess this is a bug which only appears on some browsers. Which browser / version do you use? And could you make a screenshot so I can see how it looks?

  • you can see theres only the lower part readable.

    and I use THE VERRY old for years not aktualized Internet explorer.... so I guess its my fault...
    wait a bit I try how it looks on my dads PC...

    *you was right, its my browser´s fault...

  • The 'edit' button has dissapeared in my messages and I just can see the 'report' and 'quote' ones.
    Has it been removed or it's just me (and my navigator, Firefox)?

    P.S.: Well, in this post has appeared... but it doesn't appear in the other posts I've made before this one.
    Has it some kind of caducity?

  • You can only edit messages for a certain amount of time. If they are older you need to ask a team member to do it.

    I might change this if it's too annoying. This setting exists to avoid that people change discussions later (for example if they insulted others and want the evidence to disappear ;)).

  • Janina, the members names are "hidden" in the new contest and it says we can't see the image discriptions untill the contest is over. Just a heads up...

  • a REALLY stange thing happened: its about the studio not the community; I saved a picture yesterday. Now I wanted to upload it and then I noted...the menu is on the picture :???: >( ???
    This never happened before.
    And no I havnt saved it by a screenshot... I used the normal way.