Results of me trying to draw

  • So here some new pictures, well most of them are new... :]

    another version of me

    my old avatar

    one of my favourite South Park scenes:

    Kyle and Ike on drugs in San Francisco

    and my "new" avatar

    hope you like them.

  • Very nice! :clap:
    The picture of yourself got very good, in the shape and the drawing style. i like the way you drawed the sunglasses.
    The jesus picture´s great, i like every episode with jesus and his weapons :D
    In the kyle picture the faces of both are awesome drawn. And you handelt it clever with the legs.
    The evil fish and your old avatar i already know, i like the horrible face in the old avatar.
    Go on with it :thumbup:

    PS: Don´t care about drawing on computer, i´m actually not better :) my ava´s i colorize with an handy app.
    A tipp: scan the pictures and then draw on them, it´s more simple than draw free hand on computer.

  • Aww, thanks! glad you like them :)

    Im still not very good if its about drawing more than one person... see "South park Festival"

    And heres te most recent picture I found: dated by 2009

  • If i plan to draw a bigger scene, i draw first a square with pencil for each figur, object. So you can draw each person alone. after that i finish the background and the colour. maybe it helps you :)
    my first pictures were such yours too. but i don´t find them anymore.

  • Julian : about drawing at a computer. Heres my try of drawing an Avatar. I used it recently. (it was done in Pixelmator)

  • They are indeed. Done in Autodesk Graphic.

    Unfortunately my laptop stopped to support the drivers of my drawing tablet, so I had to do those with a mouse.