Dosu's South Park Characters

  • I've been making SP characters in Adobe Photoshop since 2005, focusing mostly on anime, manga, and videogame characters. I used to use the SP-Studio for as much as I could and then edit it from there. Anymore, I only use it for the character base and make everything else from scratch. :awesome: All of my work can be found at my DeviantART page: :artist:

    Here are some of my designs:

    L from Death Note

    Ryuk from Death Note

    Zabuza and Haku from Naruto



    Ice Climbers

    Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Jaken from Inuyasha

    Byakuya from Bleach

    Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • These are very cool man. I dig edited pictures when there done this good! Have you ever made any AKIRA related pictures?

  • Thank you very much! :)
    Nope, I haven't made any Akira characters. I remember watching it, but fell asleep in the middle. I don't remember if it was because I didn't like or if I was just tired... lol

  • I remember seeing some of your pictures at DeviantArt. Amazing work, I love the amount of detail you put into them! I think Ryuk is my favorite :).

  • Nice job, man! I'm impressed. Welcome to the site!

    Also you should totally make some Madoka Magica or Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt characters.

  • Thanks, everyone!! I'm glad you like what I do. Make sure to check my DA page to see all the rest of them. I was only able to post ones under 700 pixels wide on here, so pieces like the whole Death Note cast, the Akatsuki from Naruto, and the DBZ cast could not be posted here.... unless someone can tell me a trick to get them to display.

  • I am planning to include an image resizer soon (it will create some kind of thumbnails), so if you wait a couple of days it will be possible to post bigger pictures :).

  • I don't know what the policy on double-posting is here, but I couldn't find a way to edit or delete a post, soooooooo...
    Since it looks like there is an image preview option now, I'll post some more of my bigger pieces. :)

    Z Warriors

    Soul Eater kids

    Akatsuki from Naruto

    Jinchuuriki from Naruto

    Shurara Corps from Keroro Gunsou

    Division 11 from Bleach

  • Quote from ViralMonster

    Could you take a swing at some Pokemon?

    I tried making Zuruggu/Scraggy as a South Park character a while ago and eventually completely abandoned the SP style because it wasn't working. I still finished it. SP style could work for other Pokémon, though.

    Here's what he ended up looking like:

  • Thanks again! :artist:

    Here are some more DBZ since they seemed to get the most reaction from you guys. :)

    Saiyans from DBZ

    Master Roshi etc.

    That turtle took forever!!!

    Frieza etc.

    Cell etc.

    Majin Buu etc.

    Ginyu Squad

    Kami etc.

    And for something completely different...
    Glee Cast