Problems with your projects

  • I have a little problem with Marlon Brando from ''The Godfather'' and Jack Nicholson from ''Once flew over the cuckoo's nest''. The first one : I did something but I think it can be done much better, but about the second I have no idea how to start. It's impossible for me to present his facial features (let's be honest here, his face's features are truly unforgettable). Has anyone got an idea?

  • Well you could do the cuckoo picture like this one

    i colourd the stuff i used in the left pic in the right pic bright colours so you can see what i used.

    and for the godfather pic, if you start looking in the comments in the Godfather winning contest picture of old movies

    you will find this picture wich shows you with bright colours what he used and how

    I hope this helped a lot