Your Favourite South Park Episode

  • Well, despite this being a South Park website, we don't really discuss the show all that much.

    So I figure I should get the ball rolling with the obligatory question: What's your favourite episode? We all have one.

    For me, it has to be* Asspen. The entire premise is amazing: Throw the boys and their parents onto a ski resort and just let the jokes write themselves. "STAN DARSH" makes me laugh every time and the "Montage" song is just brilliant.

    * This will probably change by next week, so expect me to post in this thread quite a bit.

  • It's difficult to choose one... 'Mecha-Streisand' was a good one.
    A group of friends spent a long time singing the 'baburan' and 'Robert Smith' song sung by the japanese speaker.

    :whistle: Robert Smith, Robert Smith, Roooobert Smiiiith...

  • Quote from Jabels

    For me, it has to be* Asspen.

    "Quaaid. Shtart the reactor."

    Off the top of my head, I gotta say Cartman's Incredible Gift. Any time the detectives are involved in the episode, it's fuckin' great. I can't tell you how hard I've laughed at this bit.

  • There are many i love but i kinda favored "Casa Bonita". I think everyone agrees Eric cartman is a manipulating, smart fat turd xD Thats what i love about him, as soon as i see him, i'm just ready to see what he comes up with next :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  • There are so many great episodes, but Trapped in the Closet stands out for me because it not only totally skewered three celebrities that I can't stand, but it did the world a great service in showing everyone how ridiculous Scientology really is. And to this day I can't even hear a mention of R Kelly without subconsciously hearing him sing, "Now I'm in the closet / Now I'm in the closet tooooo" and it always makes me smile.

  • I have always been a huge fan of "Scott Tenorman must Die" and today I feel like it was a very important point in the history of the show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone told in interviews that they feel like in the first seasons they had to learn a lot and after 4 or 5 years they found their "way". For me Scott Tenorman was huge step forward in storytelling. I liked older episodes as well, especially from season 4, but it felt different...
    And it was very funny, exciting and surprising :)

    Other favorites of mine include:
    Kenny dies, The List, Are you there Go? It's me Jesus, Trapper Keeper, The Coon, Pink Eye, Black Friday, 200/201, Britney's New Look, Make Love, not Warcraft, Trapped in the Closet, Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics, Raisins and The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. And too many more...

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