Merry Christmas!

  • And Episode III:

    [Blocked Image:]

    In Spain the traditional date for presents is January the 6th and are brought by the Three Kings so I 'll have to wait till then. Whatever, the red clothed fat guy has also spread among us so in many houses they'll have presents tonight too.

    The Christmas Tree coexists with the Nativity Scene, our taditional Christmas item. This is the one I set in my working place (over the computer's CPU), this year photographied with crossed-eyed 3-D technology ;) :

    [Blocked Image:]

    Good Night to everyone!

  • Merry Christmas! Did everyone have a good holiday? And what did you get?:) I got an iPad 4 16gb and some clothes and iTunes giftcards.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • i got:
    tickets to gadget show live
    every batman movie ever made
    the amazing spider-man
    the toy story trilogy
    johnny english 1&2
    sherlock holmes 2
    seasons 2&3 of the big bang theory
    kevin bridges live...
    all on DVD
    prof layton 5
    lego lord of the rings T.V.G
    ...and a crap load of chocolate.

  • I got:
    "north" by matchbox twenty
    "Tré" by Green Day
    "Cardiology" by Good Charlotte
    the Hobbit in English
    gift coupons for books
    lots of sweets. really, lots of...

    and an iPad! (16 GB, 3G) (my Grandma won it, and gave it to me and my sister :) )

    hope you all had great holidays and some time to relax ;) because I don't... :(

  • I got:
    Beats by dr dre
    "Good kid, mad city" by kendrick lamar
    Black ops II (Xbox)
    Dishonored (PS3)
    Adidas jacket
    and some clothes

  • Wade: I sorta want to getBlack Ops 2, but I'm not sure about it. I'm not really big fan of CoD but the only reason that I'd possibly get it is that all my friends have it and I could play with them on Xbox Live. Do you think it's worth getting, if I don't really like CoD? :)

    Till: I was away in Lanzarote. The hottest it reached was 34! :0 It was really good, apart from all the cheap shops with fake t shirts and crappy merchandise. ;) If you passed one of the shops they'd always rush out when they saw you and try to reel you into all the shit they have in there. Haha;)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • Also, if anyone here got an apple product, you HAVE to get the game 1112. It's a very mysterious/ old school type of point and click game. The graphics and artwork are brilliant and it's a remake of an old windows mobile game called 'FADE' (or something like that). It's very strange and at points you're getting chased by a serial killer, buying a ring with stolen money to give to a hot dog seller to give to his girlfriend who is a cleaner in the hotel you wake up in after a strange meeting with an art dealer from New York. There are 3 episodes out so far, I think there's going to be 6 or 7 of them. I'm still waiting for Episode 4 for more than a year and a half though.:(

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • [Blocked Image:]

    I got:

    - From our families: Money for a deep fryer (bought one for Christmas) and the WiiU (already bought it before).
    - From my husband: A slot machine, "Dominion: Dark Ages", "Funky Barn" for WiiU and a plush vulture.
    - From my sister: Two small wooden puzzles, black gloves and wrist warmers.
    - From an admin I help with his forum: 10 € Amazon gift coupon.
    - From a friend: "Shad'O" and "The Tiny Bang Story" on Steam.
    - From a friend: A HUGE rubber and penis shaped shower gel.
    - From a friend: DVD "Drive" and some candy in a funny LOST inspired packaging.
    - From a friend (for me and my husband): "Ghost Trick: Phantom-Detektiv" for NDS, a penguin board game, two Lego like sets, a handdrawn picture, tea and more candy.

    The presents on the right were from me for my husband. Yes, he collects penguin related stuff ;).

    Christmas was great! So relaxing... me and my husband watched "Minecraft: The story of Mojang" and a Giant Bomb Game of the Year video, tried out the deep fryer (french fries are SO MUCH better now compared to our oven!) and played board games and video games for three days.

  • As I have to wait to January 6th, right now I just know what I'm gonna give to myself: three boxes of Warhammer stuff (Knights of Chaos, Space Marines Assault Squad and a painting set) that I found at a toy's shop with a very interesting price (1/3 of its value). :thumbup:
    Now making an effort to keep the boxes "unspoiled". :gnnn:

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