American Football

  • Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens

    I have a conflict , I love both teams, Broncos because I like Peyton Manning , Ravens because I love their mascot "Poe" . I am not sure which one to pick. Which team do you hope to win? I also would like to know if two of your favorite football teams played one another which team would you pick to win?

    I re-named this thread, american football to make this more usable, after this game


  • I love broncos and ravens equally, but if it came to a straight fight I reckon that as long as the ravens had sufficient numbers they'd be able to overpower their wild equine enemies and wear them down by swooping in, pecking a few times, and flying back out again. Repeat until done. Messy, sure, but that's just the way I see it going down. Getting bucked from a horse is like a walk in the park to a raven, and they're just too small and agile to accurately hit with a hoof unless it's a lucky shot. Which only really leaves the broncos the option of biting wildly at the air, and the poor creatures are not great with their teeth at the best of times.

    On to the second topic. My two favourite football teams are Basildon Athletic United and Cardinal Wanderers City (Athletic). As far as I know they've never played each other, and probably won't due to health reasons, but if they did then it would DEFINITELY be a draw. No doubt about that at all.

    God, we should have made a thread like this sooner! :clap:

  • Other than the Giants, I don't really follow other football teams.|
    I mean yeah, we have the Jets, but they suck lol.

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