Movie Remakes

  • A Red Dawn remake? I should check this out. The old movie seemed to be so connected to the time it was made in that I wonder how they pulled it off today.

    I think none of my favorite movies is a remake. Usually I avoid remakes, but there are some good ones:

    "The thing" (Carpenter did an amazing job here)
    "Dawn of the Dead" (not as deep as the original movie, but very entertaining)
    "King Kong" (I think Peter Jackson's movie is a really good modern version)
    "Little shop of horrors" (the musical is awesome, I don't know the movie it's based on)

    Bad remakes... I can think of a lot, but haven't seen many of them. I watched Godzilla, The Day the Earth stood till, Planet of the Apes, War of the Worlds,... and they were really bad. And nearly every American remake of an Asian movie! They should really stop doing this.

  • I hear they're remaking Scarface. Whoever the new Tony Monatna will be, he won't give a performance as good as Al Pacino gave.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • Great movies with remakes are the exception. You have to be a great director to make a good remake... or the same director: Howard Hawk made 'Rio Bravo' in 1959 and 'El Dorado' in 1966; the same movie but with different title... Even more 'classy' then.
    Most of them only offers the advanced special effects (or color instead of B&W) and no more. With the present scripts-crisis the easy way is to reproduce what was succesful yesterday but it doesn't garantize a great movie.
    Great remakes are born from bad or low budget original movies. If you have a great movie don't waste time and efforts trying to improve it.

    Red dawn's remake? :thumbdown: Why? It was a Cold War movie at the 80's. As Cold War is over the enemy has to be the koreans... so better making a new movie with a new title.

    Quote from Janina

    (...)"Little shop of horrors" (the musical is awesome, I don't know the movie it's based on) (...)

    Here you are...

  • What's even worse about Red Dawn is that in the original stages of production (it wrapped in 2009, but was sat on by the studio for a couple of years) it featured the far-more credible threat of the Chinese instead of North Korea. But then some Hollywood bright spark realised that a film about a war between America and China where China gets its ass kicked might not go down well in the very lucrative market of China (which has become much more lucrative since 2009, when this was much less of a concern). But hey, no one in North Korea goes to the cinema, hooray, we'll just change a few flags, redub a few lines and call them Koreans instead. A dumb, racist movie gets even dumber and more racist but at least Hollywood keeps the Chinese dollar. :facepalm:

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