Your hobbies

  • Two of my hobbies are webdesign and drawing - you might have guessed that already ;). I used to draw and paint more in the past, but I hope to come back to it.
    I also love board games and video games, collect DVDs and South Park merchandising.

  • Quote from Janina

    I started Geocaching recently. Does anyone else do this? It is a lot of fun and a good motivation to stop sitting in front of the screen all the time.

    A funny use of GPS... now that everyone with a 'smart-phone' can have one on it...
    Funnier if you do it without GPS just with maps with UTM grid! :thumbup:

    ... but be careful... and I'll explain it with an story:

    Once a boy decided to launch a bottle sealed with a message to the sea with his address to get a reply from the place where the bottle would arrive. After a time he received a letter from a distant place with these words: 'Please, stop throwing litter to the sea'.

    And be careful with the coordenate datum employed (euro1950 vs. WGS84).