The Introduction Game, the second

  • Form VII, throw everything at it to win!

    As Arrow is starting to get rocky again....
    Best fictional Archer?

  • I would love to own the Delorean from the Back to the Future series so I could experience all of the events I would have loved to have seen if I was born during that time, I would have loved to have seen a Ramones concert at CBGB's in the 70's...or have seen The Beatles, The Gits, Nirvana, or any other bands that either broke up or died before I was born, or too little to have gone.(Sorry for the long explanation, it's just been forever since I've been on here...)

    If you could pick any supernatural ability, what would you choose?

  • Team Fortress 2 I'm such a Valve fanboy...

    What's your opinion of Toys-to-life games, such a Lego Dimensions, Skylanders and Disney Infinity?

  • @bella: I love to read long explanations to the answers :)

    I like the idea and most of these toys I have seen so far look really nice. As a kid I'd played with them even without owning the videogame. :) My husbands got the first Skylander games and they looked good. But the money... Those toys are very expensive if you want to collect them and I don't like the fact that old generations often don't work with new games. So personally I would not buy them. If I had kids I would buy a started pack and see how long they are interested in this.

    Soon we will have space tourism. Let's say you could be part of one of the first regular SpaceX flights. Would you join a flight into orbit if you win a ticket?

  • Of course I would, that would be awesome, looking at the Earth from the orbit, with "Blue Danube" playing in my phone, "2001, Space Oddysey" style... Hopefully without HAL 9000 on board

    Which board game do you prefer: Chess, or Checkers?

  • I'd go with Chess.
    As a kid I have played quite a bit of Chess with my Mom and Nine Men's Morris with my Dad, but nobody played Checkers with me. I learned the rules later but at that time I was already more interested in modern boardgames. What I like about Chess is that every piece follows its own rules. But I never became good at the game. I have no clue about winning strategies and haven't played for years.

    Which types of board games do you enjoy most?

    The old classics, family games, party games, card games, strategy, "Euro games", vs or coop, easy or complex...?

  • Card games – especially the ones that make you wanna kill your friends.

    Also Party/Drinking games. :lol:

    What music genre do you generally enjoy the most when it comes to live gigs?

  • Quote from Eggyslav

    One word: OPERA.

    What's your favourite Monty Python song?

    Tie between Lumberjack song & Every sperm is sacred

    Your most unlucky lucky moment. (A unlucky moment that turned into a lucky moment)

  • Lately, when my computer died, my dad repaired it, and made a copy of my hdd, so I don't have to worry about losing my stuff. Besides, now it's working much better than before, so yay!

    If you had a spirit animal, what would it be, and why?

    Mine would be an Owl, they are the symbol of wisdom and intelligence, for which I strive for, they are nocturnal creatures, and 100% carnivores, just like me. :)

  • spirit animal? hm... good question

    mine would probably be, idk, a hyena? I wait for others to do their thing and then profit off the leftovers...

    anyways, question: favorite board/card/tabletop game? (mine: probably Monopoly or Uno; things can get crazy, and I love crazy games)

    *while wearing several layers*'s colder than an icebox in here...

  • Got to be the classic;Cards Against Humanity (brief tip: never play it with family. Learned that the hard way...)

    Romulus, Remus, Mowgli, George of the Jungle, Tarzan and Etc: Best fictional feral child?

  • Gray Mann, from Team Fortress 2, he was actually raised by Eagles, then he killed and ate his surrogate avian mother and siblings, and crawled back to civilization, just to create his industrial empire and army of robots... Now that's badass, if I say so myself...

    What is your favourite cuisine?

  • my favorite cuisine? I don't really have a favorite (I just love food in general), but if I had to pick... Mexican's pretty good. not a huge fan of spicy, but somehow they do it better than, say, Indian or Asian imo

    question: what's your most overused emoticon? (mine: :v)

    *while wearing several layers*'s colder than an icebox in here...

  • Grey as a base with red highlighting. Brings energy and all that.

    What common superpower is really a curse?

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