South Park Fanart by Julian B.

  • Hello there, i want to show you some of my Fanart. Since i started watching Southpark i drawed pictures of the characters of the shows and later whole Pictures or Comics. SP-studio is a lot of help to learn how to draw a correct southpark shape. If you´re in the German SP-Forum, you maybe know some of the pictures already :)

    At first a pencil drawn avatar of me:

    and an older sp-pic related to the episode "The return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers"

    hope you like it :)

  • Cool stuff, done very clear. :)
    I already know your comics and other stuff :thumbup:

    Yore right the so-studio is a big help. Practising the shape (especially the eyes! ;) ) and if you don't know how to draw something in SP-style you can have a look ho Janina did! ;)

  • Thanks a lot! The next days i search some older pics, don´t know were they are :D
    I´ve written a small tutorial how to draw a sp-avatar. if you want i can send it as e-mail. But by the way, i see you draw very cool fanarts too. :)

  • yea thanks. as said I'll upload more tomorrow. And you could link some more of you're stuff! I think the other people around here are also interested in your work! :)

  • Alright, here a picture from the last planearium contest:

    A professor chaos picture:

    Another avatar:

    Sp-version of the famous moon foto (uncolored):

    Civil-War soldier:

    Coloured Moon Picture:

  • Thanks, it was most difficult to draw :) I searched some old Fanart.
    First two not drawn fanarts:
    Snow figures of Stan and Kyle (from last christmas)

    A Stan out of Stones with a nice background:

    Some of the oldest pictures:

    Simple version of the Poster from the sp-movie:

    A comic for chemestry:

    A Sp-version of a star wars poster:

    Poster for a sp-episode (in german)

    that was it, for the first :D
    looking forward to see tills new pictures