Where i've been + Random pic

  • Hello as many of you know i disapeared for about 6 months or more i dont know anyway the reason i have been gone is i couldnt log in, school, holidays and family coming over.
    School was the main reason i would have tons of homework and eventually i forgot to come back to the site when i did it had been changed and i had no idea what to do, i tried to log in but it said it was wrong.
    Oh in the time i have been gone i became 12 (not annoying and trollish just normal) a brony/pegasister whatever you wanna call me and i go hit in the face with a football boot and lost all feeling in my nose. oh and for no reason at all have a random sp-studio made Princess Celestia
    (it is pink due to not being able to have multi coloured hair on this site)