Show us where you live

  • Watching the photos of bellaXraven's room I thought it would be cool to have an extra topic fot things like this. We come from different countries, so I think it is very interesting to have a look at where/how we live.

    Of course some do not want to show pictures of their houses on the internet. But maybe you live in a beautyful town you want to tell us more about? Where did you grow up, where do you live now?

    So this is a topic about where we live - the arae, the city, the house, the room :).

  • To make a start I will tell a bit about my hometown, Friedberg.
    Though I live in Frankfurt right now and city life has many advantages I miss it sometimes. It is famous for having one of the biggest castle complexes of Germany, which was founded in the 12th century and most parts of it are still intact today. Here is a picture of one of the gates and the donjon, I guess Eggy might like this ;).

    Since the castle is very big and is located in the middle of Friedberg the houses inside of it are still used. People live there any my school was part of it as well. That's an amazing scenery.
    Friedberg has a beautyful historic district as well. Back in the medieval age there was a big rivalry between the town of Friedberg and the castle.
    And that is the house of my family:

    It has a huge garden and is a special house, because the man who built in at the end of the 19th century was an artist. He put a lot of personality in it. For example the ceiling of a room is painted really colorful, ornated with leaf gold and has huge Freemason signs in the center of it. The room I lived in as a kid has a trap door in the closet which leads directly to the cellar. And old church windows were used for the stairway, that's pretty excentric.

    When I was about 16 years old I moved from my old room to the upper floor of the house. It was not renovate as good as the rest of the building, but it was comfortable and I had a lot of space for my own. Unfortunately the toilet had no heating and it was freezing cold there in winter.
    This is a 360 ° image of my main room I made back in the year 2004. Please ignore the really bad editing - my Photoshop skills were horrible at that time. The building is old, but not as askew as it looks here :lol: . But the picture shows everything at the same time.
    Here are two additional pictures. My "tv room" and the cold toilet:

    So that's where I grew up. I might show some pictures later about where I live now :).

  • {-}___{-} : My grandparents bought the house in the 50s and I think there is no mortgage anymore. But I am not sure about what owning a big lot like this actually costs...

    Right now I live in Frankfurt in an apartement with my husband and two hamsters. 3 rooms, 65 m². It's a nice place because our landlord live here as well and do a lot. It's always clean and they plant flowers in the yard, so there is not much to complain about ;). But unfortunately we live at a big street with subway rails (it's no underground subway... strange thing), so it is really loud here. Well, at least we can be in the city in 8 minutes, which is really nice. And if we walk a few minutes we reach quiet areas.
    Those are some older pictures of the living room and computer room (I don't have new ones right now and I don't want to clean up :D):