Contest Review

  • Here you can share your back looking opinion of the last contest(s). Just say if you think it was a good one compared with the recent ones... (topic, picture quality, number of submited pictures, how many newbies, their pictures and stuff....) Rate the whole contest -just like the pictures- from 1 to 5.
    But: Just because Joker, Caribou, Ildorf or anybody else made an awesome pic, don't give 5. You must look at the whole thing! Of course if someone did something really extraordinary you can regard this.

    First I wasn't sure if this worths its own topic, but I decided it does. You could post this stuff also the contest`s specific topic. But here you have all at the same place. It makes it easier to compare.

    Lets start with "06/12 Female Musicians"

    I think it was a contest with some very good pictures, but all in all around average. The topic was fixed on persons. that limits the possibilities but doesn't means its impossible to be creative ;) (see Jabels & AdePALMA). Janina`s choice, Lucylotty7`s Lady Gaga was a nice one too.

  • I always struggle with topics like this. If I was just gonna upload a picture of a female musician I'd have probably picked my Debbie Harry one, but I always want to upload a brand new picture and I thought all my best work in that field was behind me. So I feel the need to make something that doesn't look like part of my Rock Stars gallery at all, but unlike the male musicians contest I couldn't think of anything decent as a "concept" piece, and had to go for broke on the likeness instead. I think I did a pretty good job, but not too many people know who PJ Harvey is anyway. I'd have loved to see some musician contests a year or two ago, but at this point I can never think of anything worthwhile that I haven't already done.

  • Quote from Caribou

    (...) I'd have probably picked my Debbie Harry one, (...)

    :D I also thought to make a Debbie Harry but I realize that given the mean age of the members of the forum practically no one would knew who or what was Blondie... :rolleyes:

  • Quote from Caribou

    If I was just gonna upload a picture of a female musician I'd have probably picked my Debbie Harry one

    Your Debbie Harry is per-fect. Easily one of your best when it comes to likeness.