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  • Now, here`s the movie review tread for everyone. Please use this thread if you want to give a review of a movie you saw recently. For popular and actual movies, you can of course create an extra topic.

    Important: please don't write about the content. But how it was made, the actors, and stuff. And if you can't avoid, use the

    hope this will become an interesting thread!

  • Yesterday I finally watched SUPER 8 on Blu-Ray. Nice movie!

    It offers a lot of fan service for people at my age who grew up with Spielberg's older movies. Many things will remind you of the Goonies and E.T.. I really liked this oldschool atmosphere.
    But there are some differences. The special effects are modern and really impressing. The train scene, holy crap! And the innocence of the old movies is gone. People actually die. What came to my mind was:

    So it seems to be no movie for little kids, there are too many frightening scenes in it. it is mainly a movie for adults who grew up in the 80s and early 90s and want to feel this feeling again.
    The story is okay, but nothing special. It's a bit cheesy in some scenes, but that's part of movies like that. I was a little disappointed about the fact...

    But I felt entertained and liked the atmosphere of the movie.